Is Pocket Option Legal in Australia?

Last updated Mar 10, 2024
Nikolay Zavarov - Author
Nikolay Zavarov
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Andrey Bondarenko

The legal framework surrounding Pocket Option in Australia is intricate, given its status as an unregulated broker. Australian regulations mandate that binary options brokers obtain authorization from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which Pocket Option has not secured.

This article aims to delve into the legal nuances of online trading with Pocket Option in Australia, focusing on the legality of binary options trading and the regulatory environment. We will highlight the implications for Australian traders and the potential risks of engaging with an unregulated platform like Pocket Option.

About Pocket Option Broker

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Pocket Option is recognized in the binary options and CFD trading sphere for its tailored approach to catering to a wide array of trader needs, from beginners to the more experienced. This broker distinguishes itself with an extensive array of funding and cash-out options, encompassing traditional and digital methods. It offers a rich selection of tradable assets, including equities, currency pairs, and digital currencies. Moreover, Pocket Option is known for providing access to renowned trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5 and delivering top-notch analytical tools and educational content to support traders in making well-informed decisions.

Pros of Pocket Option

  1. Customized Accounts and Services. Offers a variety of options to match the specific requirements of each trader.

  2. Extensive Deposit and Withdrawal Options. Enhances the ease of fund management.

  3. Broad Range of Tradable Assets. Facilitates trading in a wide market range.

  4. Advanced Trading Platforms. Provides MT4 and MT5 platforms for an improved trading experience.

  5. Educational and Analytical Resources. Offers valuable tools for education and strategy formulation.

Cons of Pocket Option

  1. Limited Regulatory Oversight. Poses potential risks due to the absence of rigorous regulatory enforcement.

  2. Elevated Spreads on CFDs. It could impact the profitability of trades.

  3. Delayed Withdrawal Process. Withdrawal times can extend up to two weeks, potentially causing inconvenience.

  4. Narrow Selection of CFDs. Compared to competitors, the range of CFDs is somewhat limited.

  5. No iOS or Desktop Apps. Limits the ability to trade across various devices seamlessly.

Is Pocket Option Regulated in Australia?

Pocket Option operates internationally under a recognised legal framework, holding a license from the Mwali International Services Authority (MISA) with license number T2023322. However, in Australia, the regulation of financial trading activities, including Forex and binary options, is under the ASIC purview. ASIC is renowned for its rigorous regulatory standards designed to protect traders and ensure the integrity of financial markets. Pocket Option does not hold direct regulation from ASIC, which presents significant considerations for Australian traders contemplating engaging in binary trading.

Can Australians Use Pocket Option for Binary Trading?

The platform's global online presence allows Australians to trade with Pocket Option. Nevertheless, traders need to recognize that Australia's regulatory landscape, mainly binary options trading, is stringently governed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. While Australians can access international platforms like Pocket Option, these platforms do not fall under ASIC's jurisdiction. This situation implies that traders in Australia engaging with Pocket Option or similar offshore binary options brokers might not benefit from the protective measures and regulatory oversight provided by ASIC. Therefore, Australians should approach such trading platforms cautiously and be fully aware of the potential legal and financial risks involved in transactions with non-ASIC regulated entities.

Binary options trading in Australia is subject to strict regulatory oversight due to its high-risk nature and potential for significant investor losses. The ASIC has banned binary options for retail clients from May 2021 until October 2031. This decision reflects ASIC's commitment to protecting Australian investors from the risks associated with these financial products, which have historically led to substantial losses for retail clients.

The ban prohibits the issuance, distribution, and sale of binary options to retail clients within Australia, addressing concerns over the speculative and risky nature of these products. ASIC's action was based on evidence of pervasive losses among retail clients trading binary options, highlighting the need for regulatory intervention.

Australian residents should be aware that, despite the ban, offshore brokers may offer binary options. Engaging with such platforms carries significant risks, as these brokers fall outside ASIC's regulatory jurisdiction. This means Australian traders dealing with offshore binary brokers have limited protection and may face challenges in resolving disputes or recovering funds.

ASIC's ban on binary options is critical to safeguard Australian retail investors from potential fraud and financial harm. Australians are advised to exercise caution and prioritize their financial security by adhering to the regulations set forth by ASIC. Individuals can consult ASIC's official documentation and resources for more information on the ban and its implications.

How Safely Trade Binary Options in Australia?

For Australians considering trading with Pocket Option, understanding the legal and regulatory environment is crucial due to the stringent oversight by the Australian Commission. Here are steps Australians can take to engage with Pocket Option as safely as possible, acknowledging the inherent risks:

  1. Understand ASIC Regulations. First, recognize that ASIC has banned binary options for retail clients. This ban reflects concerns over the high-risk nature of these products. Knowing this legal context is essential for anyone interested in binary trading in Australia.

  2. Seek Regulated Brokers. If you're looking to trade, prioritize brokers regulated by reputable authorities. While Pocket Option is regulated by the Mwali International Services Authority (MISA), it's important to note that it does not carry the same weight as ASIC, FCA, or CySEC regulations.

  3. Research Broker's Reputation. Investigate the broker's standing in the trading community. Look for user reviews and any regulatory advisories or warnings. This research can provide insight into the broker's reliability and the experiences of other binary traders.

  4. Acknowledge the Risks. Binary options trading is speculative. Only invest funds you can afford to lose, and understand the heightened risk of fraud in less regulated markets.

  5. Utilize Demo Accounts. Use demo accounts to familiarize yourself with the trading platform without financial risk. This practice is vital for developing effective trading strategies.

  6. Consult Legal Advice. Given the complex legal landscape, obtaining advice from a legal professional with expertise in Australian financial law might be beneficial. This step can help clarify legal uncertainties regarding trading binary options with offshore brokers.

  7. Exercise Caution with Offshore Brokers. While Australians may access services like Pocket Option, proceed with caution. The lack of ASIC regulation means potentially lower protection against malpractice or fraud.

  8. Educate Yourself. Leverage educational resources to thoroughly understand binary options, market analysis, and risk management. Knowledge is a powerful tool in mitigating trading risks.

  9. Start with Minimal Investment. If you decide to trade, begin with a small investment to limit potential losses as you learn the market.

  10. Stay Updated on Regulations. Keep abreast of changes in Australian regulations regarding binary options trading and international regulatory developments that might affect Australian traders.

By adhering to these guidelines, Australians can approach trading on platforms like Pocket Option with greater caution and awareness. However, it's crucial to remember the significant risks involved, especially when dealing with brokers not regulated by ASIC.


Can I Withdraw Money From Pocket Option?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Pocket Option. Withdrawal methods include bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Processing times vary depending on the method chosen.

Which Trading Platform Is Best in Australia?

Determining the best trading platform depends on your specific needs, including the type of trading, tools required, and level of support. For a comprehensive comparison of options, visit Best Forex Brokers in Australia.

Do Brokers Need an Official Representative Office in Australia?

No, brokers do not need an official representative office in Australia to operate. However, they must be regulated by the ASIC to offer their services to Australian residents.

How To Check a Broker’s License?

To check a broker's license, visit the website of the regulatory authority they claim to be registered with. Australian brokers must verify their license through the ASIC's official website by searching for their name or license number.

How To Avoid Binary Options Scams?

To avoid binary options scams, trade with brokers regulated by reputable authorities, research the broker's history, read user reviews, and be wary of promises of high returns with low risk.

Can Trading Binary Options Make Money?

Yes, trading binary options can make money, but it carries a high level of risk. Success requires a deep understanding of the market, a solid strategy, and risk management.

Can I Trade Cryptocurrencies via Binary Options?

Yes, many binary options brokers offer cryptocurrencies as underlying assets. You can trade binary options based on the price movements of various cryptocurrencies.


The legal status of Pocket Option in Australia is intricate due to the stringent regulations imposed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Although Pocket Option is regulated by the Mwali International Services Authority (MISA) under its parent company, Infinite Trade LLC, this regulatory framework does not automatically authorize it to operate within Australian jurisdiction. Australian traders can access and utilize Pocket Option and other offshore binary options brokers; however, they undertake such activities at their peril, devoid of the safeguards provided by Australian financial regulatory entities.

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