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RoboForex Review 2024

Last updated Jun 22, 2024
Roboforex is trusted. Tested via live trading.
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Highlights of RoboForex

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Roboforex is an international Forex and CFD broker regulated by the FSC of Belize.

The broker provides quality services with low spreads and commissions, as well as loyalty programs and bonuses. Customer service is provided around the clock, and a demo account is available for beginners.

Roboforex stands out for its variety of trading platforms and more than 12,000 trading instruments, which makes it attractive for traders of all levels.

Pros and Cons of RoboForex


  1. A variety of trading platforms.
  2. Over 12,000 trading assets.
  3. Different types of trading accounts.
  4. Competent 24/7 customer support.
  5. Loyalty programs and bonus offers for clients.
  6. Low spreads and fees.


  1. Regulation in an offshore jurisdiction.
  2. Beginner traders may find a lack of educational materials.

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RoboForex Broker Overview

Foundation Year2009
Official Website
Regulated in CountriesBelizeMore Details
Minimum Deposit
  • 10 USD
  • 10 EUR
Spreadfrom 0 points
Max Leverage1:2000
Trading Assets
  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • ETF
  • Precious Metals
  • Energy Carriers
  • Soft Commodities
  • Futures
Trading Platforms
  • MetaTrader 5
  • MetaTrader 4
  • R WebTrader
  • R MobileTrader
  • R StocksTrader
Email Support
Hotline Phones
Social Media

RoboForex was founded in 2009, and from the outset, it entered into competition with the most renowned brands in the Forex market, such as Alpari and AMarkets. The company’s first clients were quite favorable in their opinions, so within a couple of years, the RoboForex brand was already a frequent topic on trading forums and blogs.

The rapid rise in popularity had clear reasons. RoboForex offered a flexible range of tariffs: professionals could trade on ECN accounts with market execution, while beginners discovered micro accounts with a minimal entry threshold. Moreover, the broker fulfilled its obligations to clients with integrity, ensuring prompt withdrawal of funds, providing accurate market quotes, and offering high-speed order execution. All this allowed RoboForex to join the top Forex brokers list within just a few years.

Additionally, RoboForex introduced a fundamentally new investment product — CopyFX. This platform allowed the automatic copying of trades from successful traders, providing RoboForex clients the opportunity for passive earnings. The product was so in demand that competitors soon began offering their copy trading services. Nearly 6,000 traders operate on the CopyFX platform, many of whom generate a stable profit.

Today, RoboForex is among the market leaders in Forex. It boasts over 12,000 trading instruments, convenient platforms, and a solid reputation among traders.

RoboForex’s central office is located in Belize. Thus, the broker’s client geography is without territorial limits.

Roboforex is in the top 10 of the following ratings:

RoboForex Review Summary

Below are our assessments of the RoboForex broker based on various criteria:

We applied our methodology to ensure a fair and independent analysis of the broker. We considered various aspects of the broker's activities, including its regulation, products offered, quality of service, and more.

Read on to learn more about the RoboForex broker and why it receives such positive reviews.

Reliability and Regulation

Legal EntityRegulator

RoboForex is regulated by the financial authority of Belize and has additional protective measures for its clients, making it a sufficiently reliable company. Here are some key aspects:

  1. Regulation. RoboForex is licensed by the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). This means it adheres to this organization's strict financial standards and regulatory requirements.

  2. The Financial Commission. RoboForex is a Category "A" member of The Financial Commission, an international organization that resolves disputes between its members and clients.

  3. Compensation Fund. RoboForex participates in the FinaCom Compensation Fund, which ensures payouts of up to 20,000 EUR if a member fails to comply with a Financial Commission's ruling.

  4. Civil Liability Insurance. RoboForex has implemented a civil liability insurance program with a limit of 2,500,000 EUR, providing coverage for negligence, fraud, errors, and omissions.

  5. Verify My Trade (VMT). RoboForex has successfully passed the Verify My Trade (VMT) order execution quality certification, affirming its compliance with the high standards set by The Financial Commission.

Thus, RoboForex takes serious measures to protect its clients and ensure compliance with high standards. However, it should be noted that RoboForex does not hold licenses from highly authoritative regulators like the FCA, ASIC, or CFTC, which require stricter adherence to standards and provide greater assurances for investors.

Account Opening


Registering on the company's website requires little time or complicated actions. Additionally, the ability to choose the type of account during registration is a plus. This can be useful for those who want to trade on a real account.

How to Open an Account with RoboForex

To open a real or demo account, visit the registration page of the official RoboForex website (

Fill in your personal information. Note that all data must be entered using Latin letters. If you have a valid international passport, enter your first and last name exactly as it appears in the document — this will be useful when verifying to open a real account.

Creating an account in RoboForex
Creating an account in RoboForex

Next, the broker will offer to choose the type of account — real or demo. If you're unsure of your choice, there's no need to worry: you can later create any other account through the RoboForex personal cabinet. So, confidently select any option and click "Confirm".

Choosing a RoboForex trading account
Choosing a RoboForex trading account

Registration on RoboForex is complete. Don't forget to check your email: a link to confirm your new account will be sent there.

RoboForex Member Area

To log in to your personal cabinet, use the address

Here's a brief overview of where to find the main features:

  • Accounts — create new and modify existing accounts (and change the account to inactive status, as deleting an account is impossible), view trading history.
  • Funds — deposit and withdrawal, bonuses, internal currency exchange rate.
  • Profile — verification, profile settings and personal data, rebates, and promotions.
  • Partner — section for participants in the RoboForex affiliate program.
  • Investments — the CopyFX service.
  • Help — download trading terminals, and support service.
RoboForex Member Area
RoboForex Member Area

Identity and Address Verification

After creating an account, RoboForex will ask you to verify your identity and address.

Verification is necessary if you plan to:

  • Trade on a real account;
  • Invest through the CopyFX service. Verification is not needed for a demo account.

In theory, you can also start actual trading without verification documents, but the broker has the right to block such an account. In practice, this is exactly what happens; otherwise, the company risks sanctions from the financial regulator. Furthermore, without a verified profile, the broker will not allow you to withdraw funds from the account.

You can complete the verification anytime, not right after registration. To do this, log in to your account and select "Profile" -> "Verification" from the top menu.

How to proceed to verification at RoboForex
How to proceed to verification at RoboForex

Then, follow the instructions on the "Verification" page.

RoboForex Verification Page
RoboForex Verification Page

Verification takes place in two stages:

  1. Identity confirmation. For this, you must upload a photo of your international passport or, if you don't have one, a copy of your national passport.
  2. Address confirmation. The simplest option is to send a photo of the page with your registration. A bank statement indicating the account owner's address is also accepted for verification. Only statements from the last 6 months are accepted.

Verification usually takes no more than a couple of days.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit on RoboForex depends on the type of trading account you choose.

  • For Pro, Pro-Cent, ECN, and Prime accounts: the minimum deposit is 10 USD.
  • For the R StocksTrader account, the minimum deposit is 100 USD.

Account Types


RoboForex accounts offer a diverse range of trading conditions to meet the needs of different categories of traders, whether they are beginners, professionals, or those who prefer investing.

While the commission calculation system on the R StocksTrader account may seem complex, it offers the unique opportunity to trade real stocks, which sets RoboForex apart from many other brokers.

Forex and CFD accounts offer various levels of leverage and commissions, allowing traders to choose the most suitable option.

Copy trading through the CopyFX platform can be an attractive opportunity for those looking for passive income.

RoboForex Trading Accounts

RoboForex offers 5 types of accounts, which differ in commissions and trading opportunities.

ProPro-CentECNPrimeR StocksTrader
Account CurrencyUSD, EUR, CNY, GOLDUSD, EUR
Minimum Deposit10 $10 100 $
Trading PlatformsMetaTrader 5MetaTrader 4R WebTraderR MobileTraderR StocksTrader
Spreadfloatingfrom 1.3 pips~ 1.4 pipsfloatingfrom 0 pipsfor EURUSD~ 0.1 pipsfloatingfrom 0 pipsfor EURUSD~ 0.1 pipsfloatingfrom 0 USD
Commission per Tradeper $1M turnover20 $per $1M turnover10 $per $1M turnover~ 15 $
Trading AssetsForexIndicesStocksETFPrecious MetalsEnergy CarriersSoft CommoditiesForexPrecious MetalsForexIndicesStocksETFPrecious MetalsEnergy CarriersSoft CommoditiesForexIndicesStocksETFPrecious MetalsEnergy Carriers
Opened Positions
Margin Call / Stop Out50% / 20%40% / 20%60% / 40%100% / 100%40% / 20%
Order ExecutionSTPMMECNSTP
Demo Account
Islamic Account

The table includes two more points that require explanation for novice traders — Stop Out and Islamic accounts.

Stop Out is the level at which a losing position with leverage is automatically closed. The higher the Stop Out percentage, the deeper the drawdown the broker allows. If you plan to trade aggressively with leverage, choose Prime and ECN rates, as they offer the highest Stop Out levels.

Islamic accounts allow for margin trading without swaps, also called swap-free. Sharia law prohibits the accumulation of interest, so followers of Islam cannot operate with swaps — essentially, these are daily interest rates for using leverage. When opening an Islamic account, the client pays only fixed commissions, compensating the broker for lost profits. RoboForex allows trading without swaps on Pro-Standard and Pro-Cent tariffs.

Two Types of RoboForex Trading Accounts

  1. For trading Forex and CFDs. A numerous category includes 4 types of accounts for traders with different needs.
  2. For access to all instruments, including real stocks. This category includes the single R StocksTrader rate.

The main difference between the two categories is the commission scheme. The R StocksTrader account offers a complex system where the fee per transaction depends on the type of trading instrument. On forex and CFD accounts, commissions are either absent or calculated much more simply. The R StocksTrader account is suitable for stock trading but often falls short of the other rates for forex and CFDs.

Forex and CFD Accounts

RoboForex offers 4 types of accounts for trading currency and CFDs:

  1. Prime — the lowest spreads and accurate quote execution. However, leverage is limited to 1:300, and for every $1 million in trading volume per instrument, a commission of 10 points is charged.

  2. ECN — accounts with direct access to external liquidity providers. Allows trading large lots with 1:500 leverage. The turnover commission is higher than on Prime accounts.

  3. Pro-Standard — a standard account with up to 1:2000 leverage. Spreads are higher than on Prime and ECN, but there is no volume commission.

  4. Pro-Cent — RoboForex's cent account. The lot volume is calculated in dollars and cents, allowing for opening small trades. The Pro-Cent account is convenient for beginners and testing automated strategies with small deposits.

RoboForex commissions on Prime and ECN accounts are calculated considering the leverage. For example, if you open a trade with your own $10 with a 1:300 leverage, the total position size will be $3,000. This figure is used for volume calculation.

Spreads at RoboForex start from 0 points, but in practice, such a value is rarely achieved. Identifying the account with the lowest spreads unequivocally is impossible, but overall, Prime and ECN rates are considered more favorable.

Important: on all rates, transactions are executed in Market Execution mode, i.e., at market quotes. Because of this, the actual purchase or sale price may differ slightly from what the trader sees when creating an order. But overall, the Market Execution mode is most beneficial for the client, as it allows getting real quotes and trading larger volumes.

R StocksTrader Account

The R StocksTrader rate is significantly different from other RoboForex accounts:

  • You can trade real stocks.
  • Withdrawal of funds is free.
  • The commission depends on the specific trading instrument.
  • For most assets, a minimum commission is provided, which is charged for any transaction volume.
  • Only the R StocksTrader trading terminal is supported, trading in MetaTrader is impossible.

Key parameters of the R StocksTrader account are listed in the table.

Orders ExecutionMarket
Account currencyUSD / EUR
Minimum deposit100 USD
- US shares

0.02 per share

(min 1.5 USD)

0.0045 USD per share if a deposit of 10 000 USD

(min 0.25 USD)

- US shares CFD

0,015 USD per share

(min 1.5 USD)

- EU shares CFD


(min 2.8 EUR / 2.8 GBP / 40 NOK / 40 SEK / 30 DKK)

- Forex15 USD per 1 mln base currency in a pair
- indices

variable commission

(min 1 USD)

- US shares0,01 USD
- US shares CFD0,01 USD
- EU shares CFD0 EUR
- Forex0 pips
- Indices0,5 pips
Stop out20%
Islamic accounts (swap-free)Yes

Demo Account

On RoboForex, two demo accounts (ECN and Pro) are available on one of the three trading platforms (MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and R StocksTrader - more on them later in the article).

 Demo AccountMT4 Demo ProMT4 Demo ECNMT5 Demo ProMT5 Demo ECNR StocksTrader
Max Leverage1:20001:5001:20001:5001:20

CopyFX Trade Copying

The CopyFX platform allows passive income earning by copying the trades of other RoboForex clients. Even those without deep market knowledge can profit; they only need to carefully select and evaluate the traders whose trades they wish to copy.

CopyFX Traders rating
CopyFX Traders rating

How CopyFX Works

  1. An investor selects a trader whose trades they want to copy. Various parameters are available to analyze the trader's performance — profitability, maximum drawdown, chart, account lifetime, etc.

  2. Once a trader is chosen, the investor specifies how much of their deposit to use for copying trades (for example, $1,000).

  3. Trades are automatically copied, and the investor's balance reflects the outcomes. The trader takes a commission from the profits made.

The key difference between CopyFX and Forex PAMM accounts is the regular income payout. With a PAMM, the account needs to be closed to realize a profit. With CopyFX, this is not an issue: income is usually paid weekly, although traders can extend this to a month if they wish. In any case, the investor receives profits regularly—this is the main advantage of the CopyFX service.


When trading with an advisor or robot, a trader must keep their terminal open continuously. There's no need to use one's PC for this — renting a remote server or VPS is much simpler. This is more convenient and reliable, as the connection to a professional data center is typically more stable than that with a home PC.

RoboForex provides a VPS for free to all clients with a trading turnover of at least 3 standard lots per month. If this condition is not met, the monthly subscription fee for the service is 5 USD.

RoboForex VPS
RoboForex VPS



RoboForex offers fairly low commissions, which can be attractive for many traders.

A significant advantage is the absence of a commission for inactivity and for depositing and withdrawing funds. This is a considerable plus for traders, especially those who do not trade regularly.

Trading commissions vary depending on the type of account, but overall, they are also quite competitive. ECN and Prime accounts mainly offer very low spreads (however, there is a transaction commission).


A spread is the difference between the best ask and bid prices for a financial instrument at the exact moment. The lower the spread, the more advantageous it is to trade.

RoboForex has some of the best trading conditions for ECN and Prime accounts - low spreads and a wide choice of instruments and platforms.

But for the Pro account, the spreads are average on the market. As for swaps, they are pretty high on RoboForex.

The table below shows average spreads and swaps for the Pro account.

AssetAverage spreadSwap longSwap short
AUDUSD2.1 pips-4.00 pips-2.00 pips
EURUSD1.4 pips-12.00 pips0.00 pips
GBPUSD2.0 pips-6.00 pips-2.00 pips
NZDUSD1.9 pips-3.00 pips-1.00 pips
USDCAD2.2 pips-4.00 pips-4.00 pips
USDCHF2.3 pips0.00 pips-15.00 pips
USDJPY2.0 pips-0.94 pips-18.68 pips

Commission per lot

In addition to spreads, accounts such as ECN, Prime, and R StocksTrader incur a transaction commission. For instance, on the ECN account, you would pay $20 per $1 million in turnover; on the Prime account - $10 per $1 million in turnover, and R StocksTrader - $15 per $1 million in turnover. These are some of the lowest commissions in the market.

BrokerIC MarketsRaw SpreadPepperstoneRazorRoboforexECNFxProStandardAMarketsECN
Commission per lot$3.5$3.5$2.16$0.00$2.5

RoboForex Rebates

A rebate is a partial refund of the commissions paid. In other words, it's a program that allows you to recover some of your funds due to active trading. Rebates are sometimes referred to as cashback for simplicity. The higher your monthly trading turnover, the more cashback you'll receive.

Depending on the account, a portion of the broker's profit or commission percentage is subject to rebate. The exact rebate conditions for different tariffs are provided in the table.

AccountCalculation method10 – 1 000 lots1 000 – 3 000 lotsOver 3,000 lots
Pro-CentPercentage of brokerage income5%10%15%
ECN-ProPercentage of commission5%10%15%

Deposit and Withdrawal


RoboForex offers very favorable conditions for account deposits and withdrawals. The absence of fees for deposits and withdrawals is a significant advantage. Additionally, the broker covers payment system commissions twice a month, which helps to reduce clients' expenses.

A wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, and electronic wallets, makes depositing and withdrawing money convenient and flexible for traders.

The rapid processing of withdrawal requests within one day is also a plus, allowing traders to access their funds quickly.

How to Deposit Funds at RoboForex

First-time visitors to the "Deposit and Withdrawal Methods" section on the RoboForex website may be surprised by the sparse selection of options. In reality, the broker works with all popular payment methods.

To make a deposit, go to the "Funds" -> "Deposit Funds" tab in your account.

How to Deposit Funds at RoboForex
How to Deposit Funds at RoboForex

Choose the account or wallet you want to fund and one of the transfer methods.

Deposit Methods

Payment SystemCurrenciesDeposit FeeOperation Limit
from 10 USD
up to 50000 USD
from 10 to 49999 USD
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money
from 5 to 25000 USD
from 3000 to 500000 KZT
from 500 to 100000 EUR
from 10 to 20000 USD
from 10 to 20000 USD
from 10 to 20000 USD

There is no commission for depositing into a RoboForex account. The minimum deposit depends on the selected account: 100 USD for R StocksTrader and 10 USD for other tariffs.

Important: If the deposit currency does not match the account currency, RoboForex will convert the payment independently. This can result in small losses, so depositing in the same currency as the account where possible is advisable. The internal currency conversion rate can be found on the account deposit page.

How to Withdraw Funds

The number of withdrawal payment systems is not as extensive as for deposits. However, the most popular payment systems, including cards and electronic wallets, are available.

Withdrawal Methods

Payment SystemCurrenciesWithdrawal FeeOperation Limit
from 1 to 100000 USD
from 0.1 to 49999 USD
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money
from 0.1 USD
from 5 USD
from 500 to 50000 EUR
up to 10000 USD
up to 10000 USD

Commission-Free Withdrawal

Twice a month, RoboForex clients can withdraw funds without commission. This offer is valid on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Free withdrawal is available for all payment systems.

RoboForex Calendar for commission-free withdrawals
RoboForex Calendar for commission-free withdrawals

The calendar for commission-free withdrawals is available at the given link.

On regular days, the commission for withdrawing funds from RoboForex depends on the payment method. A full list of payment systems, commissions, and limits is provided in the table.

Withdrawal Timings

It should be noted that RoboForex processes withdrawals very quickly. The request is processed almost instantly, and the payment is made within 1 business day.

RoboForex Wallet

The wallet is a virtual storage of money inside the personal cabinet.

Why Use a Wallet?

  • For quick transfers between your accounts;
  • To save on commissions by storing free funds;
  • To accumulate profits and protect funds from risks.

Wallet Currencies:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GOLD

Deposit Bonuses

When depositing into a RoboForex account, clients can receive a bonus and even more than one.

RoboForex offers a range of deposit bonuses for new clients. Promotions are valid when opening Pro-Standard and Pro-Cent accounts. After registration and verification, the user can take advantage of the Welcome Bonus of 30 USD. This bonus can be activated with a deposit of 10 USD or more.

If you trade in profit, the bonus USD can be withdrawn. When the profit reaches the size of the bonus, it becomes available for withdrawal.

Markets and Products


RoboForex offers an impressively broad range of trading instruments, amounting to over 12,000. This allows traders to trade classic Forex instruments, CFDs, and even real stocks.

What markets are available?

BrokerIC MarketsRoboforexPepperstone
Precious Metals7520
Energy Carriers524
Soft Commodities8416

Also, all Roboforex products can be divided into three asset categories:

  1. Forex Classic Instruments — currencies, gold, and silver.

  2. CFDs — contracts for stocks, indices, and other exchange-traded instruments.

  3. Real Stocks — securities on US stock exchanges.


On all RoboForex accounts, you can trade currency, gold (XAUUSD), and silver (XAGUSD). In total, 33 currency pairs are available to clients. Commissions and spreads depend on the chosen tariff.



CFDs, or contracts for difference, are available on all accounts except cent accounts. It's important to understand that a CFD is not the asset itself but rather a derivative that tracks the exchange price of the asset, though it may differ slightly at certain times.

With CFDs on RoboForex, you can trade the following assets:

  • American company stocks;

  • CFDs on indices, for example, S&P 500;

  • ETFs or exchange-traded funds;

  • Exchange-traded commodities (wheat, soy, corn, etc.);

  • Raw materials (CFDs on oil, natural gas);

  • Metals.

An essential advantage of CFDs is the ability to trade with leverage. By Forex standards, it's not very large: for example, stocks offer a margin of 1:20, while indices offer 1:100. However, the standard leverage for real stocks is just 1:2, making CFDs an extremely convenient instrument under these conditions.

Real Stocks

Unlike most Forex brokers, RoboForex allows trading CFDs and actual stocks.

This option can be helpful in several situations:

  • You plan to engage in short-term stock trading and need the most accurate quotes;

  • You're investing money for the long term;

  • You want to invest a small amount in American stocks, and the minimum deposit at popular US brokers is $10,000;

  • You wish to trade stocks and currency within a single account.

In these cases, it is advised to use the R StocksTrader account from RoboForex, which allows trading real stocks on American exchanges. RoboForex's catalog includes over 3,000 securities.


The table shows the maximum leverage values for each category of assets. Note that you can set a lower value or trade without leverage if desired. The latter is particularly relevant if you plan to open long-term positions, as the broker charges a daily interest (swap) for the use of credit.

Trading InstrumentMax. Leverage for Retail Traders
Precious Metals
Energy Carriers
Soft Commodities

Trading Platforms


One of RoboForex's main advantages is its variety of trading platforms. There are so many options that it can sometimes be challenging for newcomers to decide which is best suited for their purposes. Let's see which platform is best for which goals.

MetaTrader (MT4 and MT5)

MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 5

If you're starting your trading journey and are unsure what to choose, confidently opt for MetaTrader. The program has long been established as the gold standard in Forex.

Main Advantages of MetaTrader from RoboForex

  • Stable operation. Custom broker solutions are usually less reliable than the MetaTrader terminal.
  • Developed community. Most Forex brokers support MetaTrader, so a considerable community has formed around the program. If you have any questions about the terminal, there is likely an answer on Google or Yandex.
  • Free installation of extensions. MetaTrader allows for downloading new indicators, trading robots, and other add-ons without any restrictions.
  • A multitude of trading robots and advisors. Paid and accessible solutions for automated trading are available in the MetaTrader catalog and on third-party resources. RoboForex supports versions of the MT4 and MT5 terminals. The older version is still popular, but it's wiser for beginners to start trading with MetaTrader 5 immediately.

On which platforms are MT4 and MT5 available?

  • Windows.
  • iOS.
  • Android.
  • Web terminal in the browser.
It's important to note that only the hedging account system is available for MT4 (which allows opening as many positions in different directions on the same instrument as desired). In contrast, for MT5, in addition to hedging, the netting system is also available (which allows having only one position in any direction per instrument).

After installing the terminal, connect your account to the correct RoboForex server IP addresses. The MT4 and MT5 server addresses list can be found at this link.

R WebTrader and R MobileTrader

R WebTrader
R WebTrader

RoboForex offers clients two proprietary online terminals — R WebTrader and R MobileTrader. Essentially, they are the same platform: WebTrader works in the browser on a PC, while MobileTrader is available as an app on iOS and Android.

The platforms are designed for beginners. Compared to MetaTrader, RoboForex terminals have noticeably fewer functions and indicators. On the other hand, they offer convenient access to analytics and a pleasant interface. Overall, RoboForex platforms don't provide definitive advantages, so their choice remains a matter of taste.

R StocksTrader

R StocksTrader
R StocksTrader

The R StocksTrader platform can be easily confused with R WebTrader, but they are different terminals. Trading via R StocksTrader is only available on the eponymous account, which provides access to real stocks.

In this case, traders have no alternative: other terminals cannot work with the stock market. Nonetheless, R StocksTrader is quite convenient and can compete on equal footing with platforms from other brokers. It includes a market depth view, various pending orders, and a tool for creating automated strategies — Strategy Builder.

The R StocksTrader terminal works only in the browser.

Both hedging and netting account systems are available for the R StocksTrader terminal.



RoboForex offers a comprehensive suite of analytical tools and resources, including an analytics center, market forecasts, an economic calendar, and a trading calculator, which can significantly enhance a trader's ability to make informed decisions.

  • Analytics Center: This portal provides analytical data from the company's experts for clients. It is accessible only from the personal cabinet and provides various market insights and information to help traders plan their strategies.

  • Expert Lessons and Forecasts on YouTube: RoboForex experts share their knowledge and predictions on the company's YouTube channel, offering a range of educational content and market analysis.

  • Forex Market Forecasts: Daily technical analysis of trading instruments provided by the company's analysts, offering insights into market trends and potential movements for the current day and beyond.

  • Economic Calendar: This tool indicates the date and time of important news releases. Traders often prefer to close active trades before economic events since markets can behave volatilely and unpredictably on the news.

  • Trading Calculator: A tool for calculating trade parameters, considering the asset, lot size, trading leverage, and currency. This helps traders to manage their risk and to estimate the potential profit or loss for their trades.

RoboForex Analytics
RoboForex Analytics



While RoboForex offers educational materials like webinars, videos, and FAQs, the absence of in-depth courses, seminars, and extensive articles could pose a learning challenge for new traders.

The educational materials are free, but they are only accessible after registration, which may limit access for those who are still evaluating whether to commit to a particular brokerage.

The learning tools are categorized into:

  • Free webinars;

  • Educational videos;

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The most substantial information is offered through webinars, but these do not occur often. The video tutorials can be a valuable resource for those looking to understand the Forex market. These educational offerings are designed to help traders at all levels improve their trading skills and knowledge.

RoboForex Video Courses
RoboForex Video Courses

Customer Support


RoboForex's customer support offers several communication methods, including online chat, email, and telephone. The 24/7 online chat is convenient for clients in different time zones. The option to contact support via Telegram bot is an innovative feature. However, making an international call may be costly for some clients.

For assistance, you can also use:

  • for general inquiries;
  • The Telegram support bot - @RoboForexOfficialBot.

Additionally, there's a phone line available at +593 964 256 286, but as it's an international call, it may incur substantial charges.

Lastly, you can contact customer service representatives via a support ticket in your account. This method is beneficial for detailed inquiries where you may need to provide sensitive information securely.


RoboForex is recognized as one of the few Forex brokers with an impeccable reputation. The company strictly adheres to its regulations, does not delay payments, and provides fair quotes. RoboForex can be a good choice for both novice and professional traders due to its robust offerings, which include a variety of trading instruments, account types, platforms, and competitive trading conditions. The broker's commitment to transparency and customer service further solidifies its standing in the Forex community.


Is RoboForex legit?

Yes, RoboForex is a legitimate broker. It is regulated by the Belize Financial Services Commission (BFSC) under license number 000138/7.

Which country is RoboForex from?

RoboForex is based in Belize, with its headquarters located in Belama Phase 1, Belize City, Belize.

Is RoboForex an ECN broker?

Yes, RoboForex offers ECN (Electronic Communication Network) accounts, which provide direct access to the interbank market and allow for tight spreads and fast execution speeds.

How does RoboForex make money?

RoboForex primarily makes money through the spread, which is the difference between the bid and ask prices of the assets traded. They may also charge commission fees on some account types.

Is RoboForex good for beginners?

Yes, RoboForex can be a good choice for beginners. They offer a user-friendly trading platform, educational resources, and a demo account to practice trading without risk.

Does RoboForex offer a demo account?

Yes, RoboForex provides a free demo account that allows traders to practice trading strategies and familiarize themselves with the trading platform without risking real money.

How can I open an account with RoboForex?

To open an account with RoboForex, visit their website and click on the "Open Account" button. Follow the registration process by providing the required personal information and documentation.

How can I delete my RoboForex account?

To delete your RoboForex account, contact their customer support team via email or live chat and request account deletion. You may need to provide identification documents to complete the process.

What is the minimum deposit for RoboForex?

The minimum deposit for RoboForex is $10.

What is the maximum leverage on RoboForex?

The maximum leverage offered by RoboForex is 1:2000. However, leverage limits may vary depending on the instrument traded and the client's jurisdiction.

How do I deposit funds in a RoboForex account?

RoboForex offers various deposit methods, including credit/debit cards, bank wire transfers, and e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and AdvCash. Log in to your account and follow the deposit instructions.

How do I withdraw money from RoboForex?

To withdraw funds from your RoboForex account, log in and navigate to the withdrawal section. Choose your preferred withdrawal method, enter the amount, and submit the request. Withdrawals are typically processed within 24 hours.

Does RoboForex provide VPS?

Yes, RoboForex offers a VPS (Virtual Private Server) service to its clients. This allows traders to run their trading platforms and expert advisors (EAs) on a remote server for stable and uninterrupted trading.

Is RoboForex suitable for scalping?

Yes, RoboForex allows scalping and provides favorable conditions for scalpers, such as fast execution speeds, tight spreads, and low commissions on ECN accounts.

Is RoboForex suitable for auto-trading?

Yes, RoboForex supports auto-trading and allows the use of expert advisors (EAs) and trading robots on their platform. They also offer a VPS service to ensure stable and reliable automated trading.

Is RoboForex suitable for hedging?

Yes, RoboForex allows hedging, which is the practice of opening multiple positions on the same instrument in opposite directions to mitigate risk. Traders can hedge their positions on RoboForex's platform.

Is RoboForex suitable for spread betting?

No, RoboForex does not offer spread betting services. Spread betting is a form of derivatives trading popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where traders speculate on the price movements of various financial instruments without owning the underlying assets.

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