Crypto Average Price Calculator

Last updated Jun 13, 2024
Account BalanceUSDT
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~ 0 USDT
Entry PriceUSD
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Current position size: ~ 0 USDT
Max. position size for selected leverage: 0 USDT
Average Entry Price: 0 USDT
Liquidation Price: — 0

Crypto Average Price Calculator will help you calculate the average entry price for your cryptocurrency position and determine the liquidation price.

Calculator Features:

  • Real-Time Quotes from Binance API: Price data is updated in real-time.
  • Trade Type Selection: Spot or futures trading for more accurate calculations.
  • Adaptive Leverage Level: A slider allows you to select the leverage level according to Binance's margin requirements for the specific USDT-M contract specification.
  • Liquidation Price is calculated according to this Binance formula.

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Risk Warning:

⚠️ Important: The website's editorial team strongly advises against averaging down on losing futures positions. Averaging down on losses can significantly increase your financial risk and lead to rapid position liquidation. Always adhere to risk management rules and trade responsibly. The information on this page is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not financial advice.

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