Is Quotex Available in the USA?

Last updated Jul 2, 2024

Quotex, established in 2019, quickly became known for its digital options trading, drawing attention from U.S. traders. However, its legal status in the U.S. is intricate due to its operation without U.S. regulation. U.S. laws restrict trading with unregulated foreign brokers, and Quotex does not accept U.S. traders. This situation highlights the importance of understanding the regulatory framework and the risks of engaging with non-regulated platforms for U.S. individuals. So, let's find out about Quotex's availability for US traders and legal considerations in the U.S., which promote informed and compliant trading decisions.

About Quotex Broker

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RegisterTrading binary options carries high risks. You may lose all invested funds
Profitabilityup to 91%
Minimum Deposit$10
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Quotex is a digital options broker launched in 2019. It is known for its user-friendly interface app, designed to cater to traders of various experience levels. It offers a range of financial instruments and features to simplify the trading process. Despite its relatively short time in the market, Quotex has attracted a significant user base thanks to its straightforward approach and emphasis on reducing trading costs.

Quotex Advantages

  1. No commissions. Trading operations are commission-free, making trading more cost-effective.

  2. A good selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. The process is affordable and efficient, with a minimum deposit of only $10.

  3. Web platform. Offers a convenient and functional web-based trading platform equipped with various technical analysis tools.

  4. Technical support. Provides 24/7 support with quick response times to assist traders.

  5. Free Demo account. A demo account is available for risk-free practice and is ideal for beginners.

  6. Contests and tournaments. Binary Options traders can participate in competitions with prize pools, adding an extra incentive.

Quotex Disadvantages

  1. Lack of regulation. The absence of formal regulation or licensing increases traders' risks.

  2. A limited selection of asset classes. Offers fewer assets than competitors, which may limit trading opportunities.

  3. No desktop or mobile versions. The platform is only available via the web, which may restrict trading flexibility for some users.

  4. Limited analytics. The broker does not offer in-depth analytics or trading recommendations, potentially hindering some trading decisions.

  5. No educational materials. The lack of educational resources can make it challenging for beginners to learn trading strategies and financial market analysis.

Is Quotex Regulated in the US?

No, Quotex is not regulated in the United States. The broker, managed by ON SPOT LLC GROUP registered in St. Kitts and Nevis, does not hold regulatory approval from U.S. financial bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The strict compliance environment in the U.S. for digital options trading requires platforms to adhere to rigorous standards, which Quotex currently does not meet.

Can American Traders Use Quotex for Binary Options Trading?

Quotex, as stated on its official website, restricts access to its services for residents of several countries, including the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, countries within the European Economic Area (EEZ), Israel, and Russia. This policy means American traders cannot use Quotex for binary options trading in compliance with the stringent regulations enforced by U.S. financial bodies like the SEC and CFTC.

Binary trading within the United States, albeit under strict regulatory oversight, is permitted to safeguard traders and maintain market integrity. The legal landscape is governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which authorize and oversee the operations of brokers offering binary options to U.S. residents.

This stringent regulatory environment protects investors from fraud and ensures only platforms adhering to U.S. regulations can operate. Consequently, many overseas binary options brokers choose not to enter the U.S. market, as meeting the comprehensive requirements set forth by the SEC and CFTC can be challenging. Engaging with brokers regulated explicitly by U.S. authorities is essential for U.S. traders. Notable examples include the North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), among the few platforms legally authorized to offer these services to U.S. citizens.

How Can Americans Safely Trade Binary Options?

To securely engage in binary, Forex, and CFD trading within the United States, Americans must navigate the legal landscape enforced by U.S. financial watchdogs. Here are essential strategies and tips for U.S. citizens interested in participating in options trading responsibly:

  1. Opt for Regulated Exchanges. Prioritize trading on exchanges regulated by U.S. legal bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Notable brokers like the North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) adhere to U.S. regulations, offering traders security.

  2. Acknowledge Trading Risks. Be aware of the inherent risks associated with trading. It's vital to trade with only the capital you are prepared to lose and to have a clear understanding of the potential outcomes of your trades.

  3. Utilize Demo Accounts. Leverage demo accounts provided by regulated platforms to gain experience and understand the nuances of trading without financial risk. This step is crucial for building confidence and competence in trading strategies.

  4. Invest in Education. Use educational materials and resources on regulated brokers. Gaining a deeper understanding of market dynamics, trading techniques, and the assets you are trading can significantly enhance your decision-making process.

  5. Verify Regulatory Status. Ensure the broker you trade on is registered and regulated by the SEC and CFTC. This information is usually found on the broker's official website or the financial bodies' online databases.

  6. Carefully Read the Terms and Conditions. Familiarize yourself with the broker's terms, especially regarding withdrawals, fees, and penalties. Being well-informed about these aspects can prevent unexpected complications.

  7. Adopt a Disciplined Trading Approach. Implement strict trading discipline by setting clear risk parameters and utilizing tools like stop-loss orders to manage potential losses. Avoid the common pitfall of attempting to recover losses through hasty decisions.

By adhering to these principles, American traders can navigate the binary options market more safely and effectively, aligning with the stringent compliance standards outlined in the U.S. Remember, trading carries a high level of risk. It may not be suitable for all investors.


The situation with Quotex in the United States underscores the need for caution among traders. Operating without authorization from U.S. regulators, Quotex offers services not overseen by the SEC and CFTC. This creates risks for U.S. traders who must navigate a complex compliance landscape and understand the implications of using such platforms. Traders should exercise due diligence and be informed about the legal environment, emphasizing the importance of protecting their investments in a market that prioritizes investor protection and market integrity.


Is Quotex a Scam or Legit?

Quotex is an online digital options trading platform. While it offers trading services and claims to provide a platform for trading various assets, traders must conduct their research and due diligence. User reviews, legitimate status, and transparency regarding trading conditions and practices can often gauge the broker's legitimacy and trust. Remember, trading with any broker that lacks regulation from a reputable authority increases the risk.

Can I Use Quotex with a VPN?

Using Quotex with a VPN is technically possible, as a VPN can mask your actual IP address and allow you to access the broker from a country that may not be directly supported. However, this practice can be against the terms of service of many brokers, including Quotex. Violating these terms could lead to account restrictions or closure.

Why Is Quotex Banned in Some Countries?

Quotex may be banned or restricted in some countries due to local financial regulations and laws governing online trading and investments. Some jurisdictions have strict rules regarding digital options and other financial instruments, which can prevent brokers like Quotex from offering their services legally without specific regulatory approval.

Is Quotex Trading Considered Gambling?

Classifying binary options trading as gambling or investing depends on one's trading strategy and perspective. Digital options involve predicting the future movement of asset prices, which can be speculative and carry a high level of risk. Some critics argue that due to its all-or-nothing outcome, it resembles gambling. However, others view it as a legitimate form of trading based on market analysis.

How Can I Withdraw My Profits from Quotex?

To withdraw profits from Quotex, you must follow the broker's payout process, which typically involves submitting a withdrawal request through your account dashboard. The availability of withdrawal methods and associated fees or processing times should be clearly stated on the broker's website or user agreement.

Why Does Quotex Block Accounts?

Quotex may block accounts due to violations of its terms of service, such as fraudulent activities, using the broker from a restricted country (especially if using a VPN to hide your location), or other practices deemed unethical or against its operating policies. It's crucial to read and understand the terms of service to avoid such issues.

Are Binary Options Trading Risky?

Yes, binary options trading is considered high risk. This form of trading involves making predictions on the price movements of various assets within a short time frame, which can result in the total loss of the invested amount if the prediction is incorrect. The high-risk nature of binary options requires a thorough understanding of the market and careful risk management.

Which Trading Platform Is Best in the US?

Determining the best trading platform depends on your specific needs, including the type of trading, tools required, and level of support. For a comprehensive comparison of options, visit our top US Forex brokers.

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