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AvaTrade Japan Review 2024

Last updated May 28, 2024
AvaTrade JP is trusted. Tested via live trading.

Highlights of AvaTrade Japan

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AvaTrade is a global Forex and CFD broker regulated by prestigious authorities such as ASIC (Australia), FCA (United Kingdom), FSA (Japan), and CIRO (Canada).

AvaTrade is perfect for traders looking for a diverse array of trading instruments and a high level of investment protection. Beginners will find comfort in the intuitive interface of the AvaTradeGO mobile platform, while experienced traders will appreciate the depth of customization and analytical tools available in MetaTrader.

However, traders who require access to STP or ECN accounts should consider other brokerage firms.

Pros and Cons of AvaTrade Japan


  1. Strong regulation.
  2. Competitive trading fees.
  3. Flexible trading platforms.
  4. Quality educational materials.
  5. Practical market analysis tools.


  1. Limited trading options.
  2. Limited customer support hours.
  3. Incomplete trading account features.

AvaTrade Japan Broker Overview

Foundation Year2005
Official Websitehttps://www.avatrade.co.jp
Regulated in CountriesIreland, British Virgin Islands, Australia, South Africa, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Israel, CanadaMore Details
Minimum Deposit
  • 10000 JPY
Spreadfrom 0.6 points
Max Leverage1:25
Trading Assets
  • Forex
Trading Platforms
  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • WebTrader
  • AvaTradeGO
Email Support
  • support@avatrade.co.jp
Hotline Phones
Social Media

AvaTrade is a broker offering trading services in the Forex and CFD markets. The company's clients can trade independently on the AvaTrader and MetaTrader platforms or entrust their funds to more successful peers through the DupliTrade terminal.

Since 2006, AvaTrade has attracted more than 400,000 private traders from 150 countries. Today, the broker's regional centers are in Australia, Japan, Italy, and Poland, with the main office in Dublin, Ireland. AvaTrade's annual turnover amounts to approximately 60 billion US dollars.

As for AvaTrade's trading model, the broker operates as a market maker.

AvaTrade JP Review Summary

If you're interested in the details of our approach to broker evaluation, you can familiarize yourself with our methodology. We invite you to continue reading the review to understand AvaTrade and its services better.

Reliability and Regulation


AvaTrade is regulated in various countries by several leading financial regulators, ensuring high reliability. Here are some of them:

Legal EntityRegulatorReview
AvaTrade EU review
AvaTrade UK review
AvaTrade review
AvaTrade AU review
AvaTrade SA review
Current review
AvaTrade AE review
AvaTrade IL review
AvaTrade CA review

The broker adheres to strict norms and standards, including handling client funds, ensuring security, and financial reporting. AvaTrade clients can be confident that their data and funds are secure.

Account Opening


AvaTrade offers clients a simple, convenient, and swift account-opening process from various countries.


To open an account or register a personal cabinet on AvaTrade, click the "Open trading account" button in the homepage's upper right corner.

At the first registration stage, it's enough to specify an email and create a password.

Регистрация аккаунта в AvaTrade
Регистрация аккаунта в AvaTrade

To complete your registration, you will be required to enter your personal information in the designated fields provided in the Client Area:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Main occupation
  • Total annual income
  • Source of funds
  • Phone number


Opening an account with AvaTrade involves a mandatory verification step. This is a crucial process established to ensure the security of your data and funds.

  1. Identity confirmation. You must provide a color copy of a document confirming your identity. This can be a passport or state-issued driver's license. The document must include your name, photograph, date of birth, and expiration date. Ensure that the document matches the information provided when registering your account.

  2. Address confirmation. You must provide a document confirming your current residential address. The document should be no older than six months. They can include a bank statement, credit card statement, utility bill (electricity, water, gas), mobile or landline phone bill, or even a letter from the local municipality. The address must match the one provided at registration.

In some cases, AvaTrade may request a copy of your credit card. Don't worry; you can hide the eight middle digits on the front and the CVV code on the back of the card.

Verification is an essential part of opening an account with AvaTrade, and this process allows the company to maintain a safe and transparent environment for its clients.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit to open an account is set at a relatively low level and amounts to the equivalent of 10,000 Japanese Yen (JPY).

Account Types


AvaTrade offers a trading account with attractive trading conditions and a range of additional services, but certain limitations may not meet the needs of specific traders. For example, there is no market execution of orders, cent accounts, or fixed spread accounts. These aspects can be critical to traders, particularly those who prefer market execution to obtain the best prices or cent accounts to minimize risks.

Trading Account

Since the broker has a very extensive arsenal of financial instruments, for the convenience of traders, there is only one type of real account. The main conditions of the AvaTrade trading account are as follows:

Account CurrencyJPY
Minimum Deposit10 000 ¥
Trading PlatformsMetaTrader 4MetaTrader 5WebTraderAvaTradeGO
Spreadfloatingfrom 0.6 pipsfor EURUSD~ 0.9 pips
Commission per Trade
Trading AssetsForex
Opened Positions
Margin Call / Stop Out100% / 50%
Order ExecutionMM
Demo Account
Islamic Account

Demo Account

Considering that practice is one of the critical aspects of becoming a successful trader, AvaTrade offers its clients the opportunity to open a free demo account. This type of account allows beginners to learn the intricacies of trading without real risk and experienced traders to test new strategies and approaches to trading.

The demo account has the following features:

  • It's provided free of charge for trading with virtual funds amounting to ¥100,000.
  • The account is active for 21 days, allowing for comprehensive testing of trading strategies and exploration of the platform's functionality.
  • After opening a demo account, you can download and explore the trading platform of your choice. Platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are available for the demo account.

Copy Trading

AvaTrade offers its clients a unique opportunity to copy trades through DupliTrade and Best AMMA systems (which we will discuss in the "Trading Platforms" section).

With AvaTrade's copy trading platform, you gain access to hundreds of different trading strategies and can use the experience of successful traders to improve your trading results.



AvaTrade does not charge a commission for depositing or withdrawing funds, but it does have inactivity fees, which could become an unplanned expense for some clients. Nonetheless, considering the level of spreads and the absence of other types of commissions, it can be said that the overall level of the broker's commissions is below the market average.

Trading Fees

The broker does not charge a trading commission apart from spreads and swaps. This means that the traders' main costs when trading are the spreads and, in some cases, swaps.

It is worth noting that AvaTrade offers relatively narrow spreads. Below are the average spreads and swaps for major currency pairs.

AssetAverage spreadSwap longSwap short
EURUSD0.9 pips-0.01 %0.00 %
GBPUSD1.5 pips-0.00 %-0.00 %
USDJPY1.0 pips0.00 %-0.02 %
AUDUSD1.1 pips-0.01 %-0.00 %
USDCAD2.0 pips-0.00 %-0.01 %
USDCHF1.6 pips0.00 %-0.01 %
NZDUSD1.8 pips-0.00 %-0.00 pips

Deposit and Withdrawal


AvaTrade provides flexible and accessible methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, although processing times can be lengthy.

How to Deposit Funds

Payment SystemCurrenciesDeposit FeeOperation Limit
Bank TransferBank Transfer
from 10000 JPY
Credit and Debit CardsCredit and Debit Cards
from 10000 JPY
Online bankingOnline banking
from 10000 JPY

Deposits via online banking are processed within 24 hours. A bank transfer deposit can take up to 3 days. Commission of payment systems is paid at the expense of the trader.

How to Withdraw Funds

The following methods are available for withdrawing money:

Payment SystemCurrenciesWithdrawal FeeOperation Limit
Bank TransferBank Transfer
from 10000 JPY
Credit and Debit CardsCredit and Debit Cards
from 10000 JPY

AvaTrade processes withdrawal requests within 3 days. The broker also covers the commission fee.

Markets and Products


AvaTrade Japan offers only currency pairs for trading and does not offer stocks, ETFs, bonds, cryptocurrencies, etc.

In modern trading environments where investors and traders often seek to diversify their portfolios across various asset classes for better risk management and potential returns, AvaTrade Japan's exclusive focus on currency pairs can be seen as a significant limitation. This restricted offering impacts its attractiveness to a broader base of traders, especially those looking for a one-stop platform for multiple asset classes.

What markets are available?

The broker offers for trading:

Margin Requirements

Retail traders can trade with leverage up to 1:25.

Trading InstrumentMax. Leverage for Retail Traders

Trading Platforms


AvaTrade offers various trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and 5, WebTrader, and AvaTradeGO, providing traders with the flexibility to choose the right tool to execute their trading strategies.

MetaTrader 4 and 5

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are robust and reliable platforms for trading in the forex and other financial markets. They offer access to all necessary tools for technical analysis, feature functionality for automated trading, and allow the creation of custom trading robots. Users can customize the workspace according to their preferences.

AvaTrade MetaTrader 5 Web
AvaTrade MetaTrader 5 Web


WebTrader is a convenient and intuitive platform that does not require downloading or installation. It provides all the necessary tools for effective trading, including pending and market orders, take-profit and stop-loss, partial closing of positions, and a detailed transaction history. With the ability to trade directly from a browser, WebTrader is ideal for those who value convenience and speed.

AvaTrade WebTrader
AvaTrade WebTrader


AvaTradeGO is an innovative trading app from AvaTrade, available for mobile devices. It offers access to global market trading with actual quotes and charts and a unique feature called AvaProtect, which minimizes trading risks. The app allows managing multiple MT4 accounts, switching between demo and real accounts, and instant access to all AvaTrade data anytime and anywhere.


Platforms for Copy Trading

For beginners and traders with limited free time, AvaTrade offers several services for auto trading:

  1. DupliTrade is a platform compatible with MT4, allowing the automatic copying of signals and strategies of experienced traders in real-time.

  2. Best AMMA is a groundbreaking platform for social trading, designed to revolutionize how traders interact and learn from each other.


DupliTrade is an innovative platform for automatic copy trading, allowing clients to automatically follow experienced traders' strategies. It lets you closely monitor successful traders' strategies and copy their trades in real time. This is an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn from professionals and for seasoned traders to expand their trading strategies.

Поставщики стратегий DupliTrade
Поставщики стратегий DupliTrade


Best AMMA stands out as a pioneering platform in social trading, offering Japanese users a unique and interactive way to engage with the trading community. It provides advanced tools and features that enable traders to adapt their strategies based on market trends and peer activities. The platform is particularly effective for those seeking to blend their trading insights with collective wisdom, offering a dynamic environment for new and experienced traders to refine their strategies. Best AMMA's focus on intuitive design and user-friendly interface makes it a valuable asset for traders aiming to leverage social insights for informed decision-making.

Лучший AMMA
Лучший AMMA



The economic calendar and AvaTrade's collaboration with Trading Central let traders stay informed about the most important news and events in the financial markets. This will enable them to make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

The availability of a trader's calculator with the broker enables traders to calculate potential risks and profits before executing a trade. This can be a handy tool for trading and allows traders to make more informed decisions.

However, AvaTrade lacks in-depth analytical materials, such as detailed reports and research, which could help traders better understand the market and develop effective trading strategies.

Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is a critical tool that helps traders keep track of important economic events and indicators that can impact financial markets. It allows traders to prepare for events that could cause significant market fluctuations.

Экономический календарь AvaTrade
Экономический календарь AvaTrade

Trading Central

AvaTrade partners with Trading Central, a leading provider of research and analytical materials for traders. Trading Central offers crucial market news, tips, and other timely information that traders can use to make educated trading decisions. This information is available directly through the interface of AvaTrade's trading platforms and via SMS notifications and emails.

Торговый центр AvaTrade
Торговый центр AvaTrade

Trader's Calculator

The trader's calculator from AvaTrade is a powerful tool that helps traders manage risks. It allows traders to calculate potential losses, profits, and costs before entering a trade. Using this tool, traders can understand the possible outcomes of their trading operations and make reasoned decisions.

Калькулятор трейдера AvaTrade
Калькулятор трейдера AvaTrade



Ava Trade Japan offers a comprehensive range of educational resources, including video tutorials and articles that cover various aspects of trading in the financial markets. These materials are well-suited for traders at all levels, from beginners to advanced, ensuring a broad appeal.

Video Tutorials and Articles

AvaTrade offers a rich library of educational videos and articles that cover different aspects of trading on the financial markets. These resources are accessible to traders of all levels, from beginners just starting with Forex to advanced traders looking to deepen their knowledge and trading skills. The educational courses offered by AvaTrade thoroughly explore essential topics such as the fundamental principles of trading, the use of trading tools, developing trading strategies, and risk management. Video tutorials are available on the official AvaTrade website, providing convenience and flexibility for learning.

Видеоуроки AvaTrade Japan
Видеоуроки AvaTrade Japan

Course "The Art of Charting" by Mr. Kojiro

A unique addition to AvaTrade's educational offerings is the course "The Art of Charting," presented directly by Mr. Kojiro Tezuka (小次郎講師), a renowned figure in chart analysis and a certified technical analyst by the Japan Technical Analysts Association. This course features a series of lectures where Mr. Kojiro shares his extensive knowledge and expertise in chart analysis. The curriculum includes topics such as the basics of chart analysis, the secrets of moving averages, advanced techniques in moving average cycle analysis, and in-depth studies of indicators like MACD, RSI, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku Cloud, Average True Range (ATR), and Pivot Points. Additionally, a special edition covers "10 Golden Rules of Investing." This comprehensive course is ideal for those looking to master charting techniques and enhance their trading strategies with expert insights.

Курс AvaTrade от господина Кодзиро Тезука
Курс AvaTrade от господина Кодзиро Тезука

Customer Support


The technical support team at AvaTrade offers a variety of communication channels, including phone, email, and live chat, ensuring convenience and accessibility for clients.

How to contact support?

There are several ways to contact technical support:

  1. By calling the hotline at 03-4577-8900.
  2. By writing an email to support@avatrade.co.jp.
  3. By using the live chat feature on the broker's website.

Support Schedule

AvaTrade's support operates on Weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.


AvaTrade Japan emerges as a solid choice for traders prioritizing regulatory security, cost-effective forex trading, and access to diverse trading platforms. The broker's robust regulatory framework, competitive commissions, no charges for deposits/withdrawals, and a variety of educational materials make it appealing, especially for forex traders.


Is AvaTrade Japan legit?

AvaTrade is a legitimate broker, regulated by FSA in Japan.

Which country is AvaTrade from?

AvaTrade is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and operates as a global Forex and CFD broker.

Is AvaTrade Japan an ECN broker?

AvaTrade Japan is not an ECN broker. It primarily operates as a market maker, offering a range of trading instruments across various asset classes.

How does AvaTrade Japan make money?

AvaTrade Japan earns its revenue primarily through spreads and occasional commissions on certain trading accounts and financial instruments. It also profits from overnight financing charges.

Is AvaTrade Japan good for beginners?

Yes, AvaTrade Japan is well-suited for beginners due to its user-friendly AvAvaTrade JapanGO mobile app, comprehensive educational resources, and support services designed to help new traders navigate the complexities of trading.

Does AvaTrade Japan offer a demo account?

Yes, AvaTrade Japan offers a demo account that allows traders to practice trading with virtual funds in a risk-free environment, which is ideal for both beginners and experienced traders to test their strategies.

How can I open an account with AvaTrade Japan?

To open an account with AvaTrade Japan, visit their official website, click on 'Register' or 'Open Trading Account,' and follow the instructions to complete the registration form. Verification of identity and address is required to activate the account.

How can I delete my AvaTrade Japan account?

To delete your AvaTrade Japan account, you need to contact customer support either through email, phone, or live chat, requesting the closure of your account. Ensure all open positions are closed and funds are withdrawn before making the request.

What is the minimum deposit for AvaTrade Japan?

The minimum deposit required to open an account with AvaTrade Japan typically starts at ¥ 10,000.

What is the maximum leverage on AvaTrade Japan?

The maximum leverage offered by AvaTrade Japan is up to 1:25.

How do I deposit funds in an AvaTrade Japan account?

Funds can be deposited into an AvaTrade Japan account via credit/debit cards, wire transfers, and online banking. Log into your account management portal to initiate a deposit.

How do I withdraw money from AvaTrade Japan?

To withdraw funds from AvaTrade Japan, log into your account management area, select 'Withdraw Funds,' and follow the instructions to submit a withdrawal request. Note that withdrawal methods should match the deposit methods, and verification processes may apply.

Does AvaTrade Japan provide VPS?

Yes, AvaTrade Japan provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) services to eligible clients, which can be particularly useful for traders using automated trading systems.

Is AvaTrade Japan suitable for scalping?

AvaTrade Japan permits scalping. However, traders should review the broker’s trading conditions and policies to ensure they are favorable for scalping strategies.

Is AvaTrade Japan suitable for auto-trading?

Yes, AvaTrade Japan supports auto-trading and offers platforms like MetAvaTrade Japanr 4 and MetAvaTrade Japanr 5, which are compatible with automated trading systems.

Is AvaTrade Japan suitable for hedging?

Yes, AvaTrade Japan allows hedging. Traders can open positions in opposite directions on the same trading instrument, which can be an effective risk management strategy.

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