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Last updated Jun 29, 2024
AMarkets is trusted. Tested via live trading.
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Highlights of AMarkets

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RegisterTrading CFDs carries high risks. You may lose all invested funds
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ForexIndicesCryptocurrencyStocksBondsPrecious MetalsEnergy CarriersSoft Commodities
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AMarkets is a full-service broker in the Forex market, offering a comprehensive range of services. It allows for both independent trading and investment in copy trading with equal success.

Traders can benefit from several types of accounts with low spreads, permitted scalping, and fast trade execution. A stable technical platform is supported by updated analytics, useful services, and quick withdrawals.

Investors who prefer not to engage in independent trading can achieve good profits by copying the trades of successful traders. Portfolio creation is time-efficient and provides an opportunity for passive income.

Pros and Cons of AMarkets


  1. A wide range of trading assets.
  2. Extensive analytical capabilities using modern tools and trading robots.
  3. No commissions on many operations.
  4. Convenience and simplicity of opening an account and managing it.


  1. Not the most extensive educational materials.
  2. On some assets, spreads are higher than those of competing Forex brokers.

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AMarkets Broker Overview

Foundation Year2007
Official Website
Regulated in CountriesCook Islands, ComorosMore Details
Minimum Deposit
  • 100 USD
  • 100 EUR
  • 7000 RUB
  • 0.01 BTC
Spreadfrom 0.1 points
Max Leverage1:3000
Trading Assets
  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Precious Metals
  • Energy Carriers
  • Soft Commodities
Trading Platforms
  • MetaTrader 5
  • MetaTrader 4
Email Support
Hotline Phones
Social Media

AMarkets is a brokerage firm actively operating in Asian and European countries. It provides its clients and partners with high-quality services and comprehensive support. The company's key feature is the active use and implementation of new technologies to ensure the best trading conditions for clients: tight spreads, high order execution speed, STP and ECN accounts, various promotions, and bonuses.

Since 2015, the AMarkets broker has participated in various industry conferences and events, where its employees discuss current trends and prospects for developing financial markets.

AMarkets is in the top 10 of the following ratings:

AMarkets Review Summary

In our review of AMarkets, we applied our methodology specifically designed to ensure accuracy, transparency, and depth of analysis. Our approach encompasses a comprehensive examination of the broker's offerings, evaluation of educational resources, assessment of customer support operations, and many other aspects.

This review is crafted to serve as a reliable source of information for current and prospective investors seeking detailed data on AMarkets. We aim to provide you with the necessary knowledge so that you can make informed trading decisions with a complete understanding of the opportunities this broker offers.

Continue reading to delve deeper into the features of AMarkets and discover what advantages it can offer you as a trader.

Reliability and Regulation

Legal EntityRegulator

AMarkets was established in 2007 and currently serves over a million clients worldwide. The company showcases essential indicators of a broker's reliability and regulation.

  1. Fund Segregation. AMarkets keeps its clients' funds separate from the company's operational accounts. This means that clients' money cannot be used to cover the company's operating expenses, providing additional protection.

  2. Asset Diversification. The company's assets are diversified among reliable global banks. This is another risk management strategy that helps protect clients' funds.

  3. Compensation Fund. AMarkets is covered by The Financial Commission's compensation fund up to €20,000 per trading claim. This makes clients confident in their ability to be compensated during disputes.

  4. Quality Confirmation. The quality of AMarkets' execution is verified by Verify My Trade (VMT), which meets high execution standards. This demonstrates that the company adheres to the best trading practices.

  5. Registration and Regulation. AMarkets is registered according to the laws of the Cook Islands and is listed in the registry of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) of the Cook Islands. This confirms the company's legal legitimacy. However, it is worth noting that this offshore regulator is less stringent in compliance with norms and standards than its counterparts in other countries with more developed financial regulations.

  6. Membership in The Financial Commission. AMarkets is a member of The Financial Commission, which ensures the broker's transparency and fairness.

Based on the provided information, one can conclude that AMarkets has high reliability and regulation.

Account Opening


The process of opening an account with AMarkets is quite simple and user-friendly. It involves direct registration, identity verification, and selecting the desired account type.

How to open a demo account?

  1. Go to the main page of the AMarkets broker's official website ( and click "Demo" in the top menu.
  2. Fill out the registration form. You can later use this account to open a real account.
  3. After clicking the "Open Demo Account" button, the MetaTrader 5 web terminal will open with virtual money. You can start trading at this stage.
  4. Don't forget to check your email: the access details to the AMarkets personal account will be sent to the specified address. It is advisable to save the login and password - they may be helpful.
  5. By default, AMarkets creates a Standard demo account for the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. If you want to change the account type or switch to MetaTrader 4, log in to your account and open the "Settings" - "New demo account" menu. Here, you can choose settings to your liking.
Demo Account Registration with AMarkets
Demo Account Registration with AMarkets

How to open a live account?

  1. To open a live account, go to the official AMarkets website ( and fill out the form on the main page. You can immediately choose the trading terminal - MT4 or MT5. To complete the process, click "Open Account".
  2. You will immediately receive access details to the trading account:
  3. In addition, your email will be sent a login and password to access the personal account.

By default, AMarkets creates a Standard account. If you wish, you can open another type in your client area. Go to the "Settings" - "New live account" page.

Opening a Trading Account with Amarkets
Opening a Trading Account with Amarkets


You need to undergo identity verification for full-fledged work with a live account. This requirement of financial regulators applies to all legal brokers, including AMarkets.

To pass verification, you need to:

  1. Confirm the email specified at registration.
  2. Confirm your phone number.
  3. Upload documents confirming your identity and address. You will find links to each verification stage in your Client Area.

For identity verification, a national or international passport is usually used. A passport page with registration or a utility bill can confirm the address.

AMarkets Client Area

To access the AMarkets personal account, use the main page of the site or the direct address to the personal account (

In the personal account, you can:

  • Manage and create trading and demo accounts;
  • Deposit and withdraw funds;
  • Download the trading platform for any operating system;
  • Manage your investments on the copy-trading platform;
  • Change your profile settings and undergo verification;
  • Review your trading achievements;
  • Use any of the numerous AMarkets services;
  • Participate in the AMarkets affiliate program.
AMarkets Client Area
AMarkets Client Area

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit is the amount you need to deposit into your trading account to start trading with the broker. In AMarkets, the minimum contributions for different types of accounts vary.

For CRYPTO-type accounts, the minimum deposit is 10 MBT. If you choose FIXED or STANDARD account types, the minimum deposit is $100, €100, or ₽7000. For ECN-type accounts, the minimum deposit is slightly higher and is $200, €200, or ₽14,000.

Please note that the minimum deposit size may affect trading conditions and the instruments available.

Account Types


AMarkets offers various types of accounts that can meet the needs of different categories of traders.

Trading Accounts

AMarkets provides three types of accounts for self-trading:

Account CurrencyUSD, EUR, RUBMBT
Minimum Deposit100 $100 200 $200 0,01 BTC
Trading PlatformsMetaTrader 5MetaTrader 4
Spreadfloatingfrom 1.3 pips~ 1.6 pipsfixedfrom 3 pipsfloatingfrom 0.1 pips~ 0.4 pipsfloatingfrom 1.3 pipsfor EURUSD~ 1.6 pips
Commission per Tradeper 1 lot2.5 $
Trading AssetsForexIndicesCryptocurrencyStocksBondsPrecious MetalsEnergy CarriersSoft CommoditiesForexIndicesBondsCryptocurrencyPrecious MetalsSoft CommoditiesEnergy Carriers
Opened Positions
Margin Call / Stop Out50% / 20%50% / 40%50% / 20%
Order ExecutionSTPECNSTP
Demo Account
Islamic Account
  1. Standard Account — an optimal choice for beginners. With a low minimum deposit, you get favorable conditions and a complete set of trading instruments. This STP account ensures orders are executed directly with liquidity providers.

  2. Fixed Account—an account with fixed spreads starting from 3 pips. It is chosen for automated trading strategies and scalping, especially at peak news times. However, the fixed spread is usually higher during quiet times than a floating spread.

  3. ECN Accounts are accounts for market execution. They offer the lowest spreads but involve a small trading commission. ECN accounts are the choice of professional traders who know precisely what they want from the market. However, due to the additional commissions, they are not very convenient for beginners.

  4. Crypto Account — for those who like to earn and keep money in cryptocurrency. This trading account is similar to the Standard, but its currency is MBT (1 MBTC = 0.001 BTC).

It should be noted that thanks to the high order execution speed (from 0.03 seconds), AMarkets is considered one of the best brokers for algorithmic trading.

VIP Status

You can claim VIP status if you have at least $20,000 in your account.

VIP Benefits

  • Higher Cashback rates
  • More trading bonuses
  • Priority in executing withdrawal requests
  • Up to 30% reduction in swaps
  • Free VPS
  • Premium analytics
  • Trading consultations from AMarkets experts
  • Individual support from a manager

Demo Account

If you're not ready for live trading, it is advisable to try a demo account. It allows you to trade with virtual money, quotes, and trading conditions like a live account.

At AMarkets, you can open a demo account for the following rates: Standard, Fixed, and ECN.

Transferring Profits from a Demo to a Real Account

A bonus offer from AMarkets is the transfer of profits from a demo to a real account. The offer is valid for all broker clients.

To transfer profits from a demo account to a real one, you need to:

  1. Register with AMarkets and complete full verification.
  2. Open a Standard or Fixed demo account on the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  3. Trade your demo account for profit within five days, then open a real account.
  4. Deposit an amount equal to the profit on the demo (or more) into the live account.
  5. Ask your manager to transfer funds from the demo to the live account.

The funds will be transferred to the live account if all conditions are met. The maximum bonus amount is $10,000.

Copy Trading at AMarkets

If you are not interested in trading on your own, consider AMarkets' copy trading platform, which allows for passive income by copying the trades of other traders in real-time.

To copy trades, you need to open a particular account.

How does copy trading work?

  1. Choose suitable strategies to copy.
  2. Invest funds in the selected strategies through the AMarkets personal account.
  3. Trades will start to be copied automatically — traders need to monitor the account and withdraw profits. If the strategy author trades profitably, they will receive a commission from your profits. As a result, traders are incentivized for responsible and profitable trading.

Advantages of Copy Trading Accounts

Special accounts allow you to copy trades without installing programs on your computer. Strategies are set up in the broker's Client Area, and copying occurs automatically. This is the main difference from copy trading in MetaTrader, which requires a constant PC connection to the internet.

Many readers have probably heard about another passive income type in Forex — PAMM accounts.

Copy trading is quite similar to investing in PAMM accounts, but there are significant differences:

  • AMarkets’ copy trading accounts allow you to withdraw investments and profits at any time;
  • the investor can control the copying parameters, such as increasing or decreasing each transaction's risk.

How do you start copying trades?

  1. Go to the "Copy Trading" - "Investor" page in the Client Area. Click the "Open Account" button. On the opening page, you can immediately fund the account. The minimum deposit is $25.
  2. To view and choose strategies, go to the "Rating" menu. By default, the list only includes the best strategies for investing. Use the buttons above the table to change how the rating is displayed.
  3. The summary table only presents the basic trading parameters — profitability, chart, and account age. To view the complete information, click on the strategy name.
AMarkets Strategy Rating for Copy Trading
AMarkets Strategy Rating for Copy Trading

Reviewing as many trading strategies as possible and choosing several for investing is advisable. Experienced investors recommend dividing the deposit into at least five parts to protect against potential drawdowns.

If you have made a final decision and decided to invest money in a strategy, click the "Invest" button.

Strategy Statistic for Amarkets Copy Trading
Strategy Statistic for Amarkets Copy Trading

In the opening window, set the investment parameters:

  • The amount is in USD.
  • The multiplier — allows you to increase or decrease the risk per transaction. If the multiplier is more significant than one, the risk becomes higher than the trader intended. If the number is less than one, the risk per transaction will be lower.
  • The target — the profit at which the investment will be automatically closed.
  • Protection — the loss at which trading will be paused.

How do you choose the best strategies for investing?

Several proven rules help to select strategies with high-profit potential and reasonable risk:

  • Don't chase after high profitability figures. If a trader earns hundreds of percent a year, then after a couple of decades, they would make all the money in the world — but in practice, such marathons end in bankruptcy. Triple-digit annual profitability always indicates very high risk.
  • Carefully study the growth chart. The trader follows a hazardous strategy if it shows deep short-term drawdowns of 20% or more.
  • The trader's commission should not be decisive. If the strategy looks reliable, stable profits will offset a high commission.



For its clients, AMarkets offers quite attractive commission conditions. It is important to note that the company does not charge any inactivity fees, nor does it charge for deposits and withdrawals, which significantly eases the trading process for traders.

Trading Fees

Various trading commissions are charged depending on the account type and the instruments used.

Commission per Lot

When using an ECN account, a commission of $2.50 is charged for each transaction per 1 lot, which can be considered below average. For other account types, this commission is not set.

Below is the commission per lot for the EURUSD pair at different Forex brokers.

BrokerOlymp TradeUSDTBinomoCFDAMarketsECN
Commission per lot$8$2$2.5

Spreads and Swaps

Spreads vary depending on the account type and the chosen instrument.

The spreads and swaps for Standard and Fixed accounts can be considered average for the market. They are neither the lowest nor the highest.

AssetAverage spreadSwap longSwap short
AUDUSD2.1 pips-7.40 pips1.20 pips
EURUSD1.3 pips-8.40 pips3.40 pips
GBPUSD2.3 pips-3.60 pips-0.60 pips
NZDUSD2.1 pips-2.50 pips-1.60 pips
USDCAD2.5 pips-1.10 pips-3.80 pips
USDCHF1.7 pips4.00 pips-12.80 pips
USDJPY1.3 pips7.70 pips-26.10 pips

Deposit and Withdrawal Commission

No commission is charged for depositing funds into AMarkets - the broker fully covers all commissions of payment systems when funding an account. However, a commission may be taken by the payment provider when withdrawing funds. AMarkets does not charge additional commissions for withdrawing funds.

CashBack from AMarkets

AMarkets returns a part of the spread to its regular clients. The more you trade, the more funds are returned to your account.

The program has five levels, calculated based on the trading volume over 30 days. To move to the next level, you must trade 5 lots per month.

LevelMonthCashBack (per lot)
11$3 / €3
22$8 / €8
33$10 / €10
44$12 / €12
55 and onwards$14 / €14

To move to level 1, you must make a trading turnover of 2 lots.

CashBack Promotion Conditions

  • Only Standard and Fixed accounts on the MT4 platform in USD, EUR, and RUB are eligible.
  • Trading instruments are Forex and metals.
  • The duration of the transaction must be at least 3 minutes.
  • The price must move at least 10 pips in the trade.

Deposit and Withdrawal


AMarkets offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including cryptocurrencies, allowing clients to choose the most convenient payment system for their transactions with the broker.

AMarkets also does not charge any commission for deposits and withdrawals, an added advantage. Moreover, the company covers any deposit fees charged by the payment system.

Depositing Funds

AMarkets does not charge a commission for account deposits. Funds are credited instantly, except for bank transfers, which take up to 5 working days.

Payment SystemCurrenciesDeposit FeeOperation Limit
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money
Bank TransferBank Transfer
Система быстрых платежей (СБП)Система быстрых платежей (СБП)
CryptocurrencyBlockchainDeposit FeeOperation Limit
Логотип TetherUSDT (Tether)TRC20
Логотип TetherUSDT (Tether)ERC20
Логотип BitcoinBTC (Bitcoin)BTC
Логотип EthereumETH (Ethereum)ERC20
Логотип LitecoinLTC (Litecoin)LTC

After funding your account, you can use a special AMarkets promo code to get an additional bonus on your trading account.

Withdrawing Funds

The commission for withdrawing funds depends on the payment system used. Withdrawal requests are processed 24 hours a day on business days. The conditions for withdrawal are presented in a table.

Payment SystemCurrenciesWithdrawal FeeOperation Limit
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money
from 10 USD
from 10 USDfrom 10 EUR
from 10 USD
from 10 USDfrom 10 EUR
from 100 to 75000 RUBfrom 50 to 5000 UAHfrom 1000 to 300000 KZT
from 100 to 75000 RUBfrom 50 to 5000 UAHfrom 1000 to 300000 KZT
1.8%+ 5 USD
from 20 to 5000 USDfrom 20 to 5000 EUR
from 260000 to 113000000 UZS
CryptocurrencyBlockchainWithdrawal FeeOperation Limit
Логотип TetherUSDT (Tether)TRC20
from 5 USDT
Логотип TetherUSDT (Tether)ERC20
from 5 USDT
Логотип BitcoinBTC (Bitcoin)BTC
from 0.002 BTC
Логотип LitecoinLTC (Litecoin)LTC
from 0.1 LTC
Логотип EthereumETH (Ethereum)ERC20
from 0.02 ETH

Markets and Products


AMarkets offers various trading assets, including currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, bonds, commodities, and indices. Many traders are attracted to the opportunity to use high leverage and engage in scalping trading strategies.

What assets are available?

AMarkets gives access to the following asset categories (CFDs):

BrokerOlymp TradeAMarketsBinomo
Precious Metals272
Energy Carriers141
Soft Commodities7

AMarkets is a suitable broker for scalping on Forex, with spreads for EUR/USD starting from as low as 0.2 pips and an execution time for transactions as fast as 0.03 seconds.


Leverage in trading is a tool that allows investors to increase their market exposure beyond the initial investment (the margin). However, while leverage can magnify profits, it also increases the potential for higher losses. Therefore, it's crucial for traders to use leverage cautiously and to understand the risks involved.

The leverage AMarkets offers varies based on the account type, balance of funds, and the trading instrument. The table outlines the maximum leverage available depending on the trading instrument.

Trading InstrumentMax. Leverage for Retail Traders
Precious Metals
Energy Carriers
Soft Commodities

Trading Platforms


AMarkets offers clients the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms, which are considered the gold standard in the Forex industry. They provide flexibility and extensive functionality for both manual and automated trading. The availability of a web version and mobile device applications offers the convenience of trading anytime and anywhere.

MetaTrader 4 and 5

AMarkets supports the MT4 and MT5 trading terminals. These platforms are ideally suited for Forex trading and are equally convenient for beginners and experienced traders.

The MetaTrader terminal allows for manual and automated trading, setting pending orders, and using numerous indicators. The software supports thousands of user add-ons that simplify the search for successful trades and implement algorithmic trading strategies.

MetaTrader terminals are available in the following versions:

  • a program for Windows;
  • a web terminal that works in a browser on any system;
  • applications for Android and iOS.

Beginner traders are advised to choose MetaTrader 5. This is the latest version of the program, which is most user-friendly.

You can download the MetaTrader terminal for PC and smartphone from the website or the AMarkets client area.

AMarkets MT5 Web Terminal
AMarkets MT5 Web Terminal

Mobile Application

AMarkets offers its clients a mobile application for download on iOS and Android operating systems. This app lets users get up-to-date information on global markets, including news, market analysis, and real-time quotes.

User reviews of the AMarkets mobile application are pretty positive. In the overall AppStore rating, the AMarkets app received 4.9 out of 5 possible points, based on 847 reviews. This high rating confirms that the AMarkets app excellently combines functionality and ease of use, making it an indispensable tool for mobile trading.



AMarkets provides an extensive set of tools and services useful for both novices and experienced traders.

Analytical Services

On the AMarkets broker's website, there are several sections that traders will find useful:

  • AMarkets Trader's Calculator. This will help you calculate the position volume, margin, and other trade parameters.
  • Expiration Table. Useful for those who trade CFDs on futures.
  • Economic Calendar. All the events can influence the exchange rates of currencies and other assets.
  • Trading Advisors and Robots. A database of robots and advisors from AMarkets. The robots in the ranking are sorted by profit for the last 6 months. You can familiarize yourself with any of them and download them for free in the client area.
  • VPS Servers. For $10, you can order a VPS from AMarkets, which will help you set up automated trading 24/7.
  • AutoChartist. An indicator will show you an exact trading signal based on market patterns.
  • Trading Plan. In your account, you can set up a trading plan with fundamental rules for capital management.
  • Cayman Indicator. A sentiment indicator shows what percentage of traders buy and sell currency. It is also available for free in the personal cabinet.
  • COT Indicator. A tool for analyzing the sentiment of major market participants in the futures market: traders, banks, and hedge funds.
  • Trade Analyzer. This tool will show you the most detailed statistics of your trading.
  • VPN. Both paid and free VPN options are available.
  • Quote History. You can request to receive a history of quotes.
AMarkets Trading Signals
AMarkets Trading Signals

Broker's Expert Analytics

The broker's website publishes fresh analytics from AMarkets and Forex market news. All the relevant information is collected in the "Analytics" section.

The broker boasts a good analytics department, aggregating information independently and offering trading ideas. The head of AMarkets' analytical department, Artem Deev, is regularly published in leading economic media. Insights and reflections from industry experts can also be found in the AMarkets broker's news blog.

AMarkets Expert Analytics
AMarkets Expert Analytics



AMarkets offers limited educational materials, which include a Blog and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

The blog contains articles on various topics, including cryptocurrencies, materials for beginners, trading strategies, and economic reviews. These can be useful for gaining general knowledge about financial markets and understanding the trading basics.

However, compared to other brokers that offer extensive educational programs, including courses, webinars, podcasts, and video tutorials, AMarkets’ offerings might seem insufficient. This is particularly relevant for beginners just starting their trading careers and looking for comprehensive educational content.

AMarkets Blog
AMarkets Blog

Customer Support


AMarkets' technical support is available 24/7. The broker offers several communication channels to satisfy the needs of different clients.

Clients can contact support via email at or It's essential to include your trading account number in the email to expedite the support process.

Furthermore, AMarkets has a particular Telegram bot for customer support, which reflects the broker's endeavor to keep up with the times and use modern communication methods.

AMarkets offers support services in multiple languages, including English, Russian, German, Spanish, and others, which makes it a convenient platform for traders from diverse backgrounds.

In addition, AMarkets is active on social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where valuable materials are provided and opportunities for communication with the trader community are available.

The company's office is in the Cook Islands, where phone support is provided during working hours.


AMarkets is a versatile broker offering a full range of services in the Forex market. It enables independent trading and investing funds in copy trading with equal success.

Traders can access several accounts with low spreads, permitted scalping, and fast trade execution. Up-to-date analytics, valuable services, and rapid fund withdrawal support a stable technical platform.

Investors who are not keen on engaging in independent trading can still achieve significant profits by copying the trades of successful traders. Building a portfolio is time-efficient and offers the possibility of passive income.


Is AMarkets legit?

Yes, AMarkets is a legitimate broker. It is regulated by the Financial Commission (FinaCom) and offers client protection with compensation funds up to €20,000 per case.

Which country is AMarkets from?

AMarkets is an international broker with headquarters in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Is AMarkets an ECN broker?

Yes, AMarkets offers ECN (Electronic Communication Network) accounts, providing direct market access with tight spreads and fast execution.

How does AMarkets make money?

AMarkets makes money through spreads, commissions on trades, and overnight swap fees.

Is AMarkets good for beginners?

Yes, AMarkets is good for beginners. It offers a user-friendly platform, and demo accounts to help new traders get started.

Does AMarkets offer a demo account?

Yes, AMarkets offers a demo account, allowing traders to practice and familiarize themselves with the platform without risking real money.

How can I open an account with AMarkets?

To open an account with AMarkets, visit their website, fill out the registration form, verify your identity, and fund your account.

How can I delete my AMarkets account?

To delete your AMarkets account, you need to contact their customer support and follow the necessary procedures they provide.

What is the minimum deposit for AMarkets?

The minimum deposit for AMarkets is $100.

What is the maximum leverage on AMarkets?

The maximum leverage offered by AMarkets is 1:3000.

How do I deposit funds in an AMarkets account?

You can deposit funds in an AMarkets account using various methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and electronic payment systems.

How do I withdraw money from AMarkets?

To withdraw money from AMarkets, log in to your account, go to the withdrawal section, select your preferred withdrawal method, and follow the instructions.

Does AMarkets provide VPS?

Yes, AMarkets provides VPS (Virtual Private Server) services to ensure stable and uninterrupted trading.

Is AMarkets suitable for scalping?

Yes, AMarkets is suitable for scalping. It allows scalping strategies and offers fast execution and low spreads.

Is AMarkets suitable for auto-trading?

Yes, AMarkets is suitable for auto-trading. It supports various trading platforms and tools for automated trading.

Is AMarkets suitable for hedging?

Yes, AMarkets is suitable for hedging. It allows hedging strategies to manage risk effectively.

Is AMarkets suitable for spread betting?

No, AMarkets does not offer spread betting services. It focuses on Forex and CFD trading.

Visit AMarketsTrading CFDs carries high risks. You may lose all invested funds

Nikolay is an experienced specialist in financial markets and co-founder of IamForexTrader. He has been successfully trading Forex since 2014 and has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency market since 2017.

He develops investment strategies adaptable to any level of experience and has been actively investing in stocks, bonds and ETFs since 2018.