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TeleTrade Review 2024

Last updated Jun 18, 2024
TeleTrade is trusted. Tested via live trading.

Highlights of TeleTrade

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Register63.37% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs with this broker
Countries of registration:
Trading Assets
ForexIndicesCryptocurrencyStocksPrecious MetalsEnergy CarriersSoft CommoditiesBondsETF
Trading Platforms
MetaTrader 4MetaTrader 5
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TeleTrade is an international broker regulated by several reputable organizations, including CySEC and FSA.

The broker is known for its narrow spreads and variety of financial instruments, which makes it attractive to traders looking for a cost-effective and flexible platform. Quick and easy account opening and quality technical support ensure a comfortable interaction with the broker.

However, TeleTrade has a limited range of tutorials, which can create difficulties for novice traders. High commissions on some account types and long processing times for withdrawal requests can be an obstacle for some users.

Pros and Cons of TeleTrade


  1. Tight spreads.
  2. A wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods.
  3. Diversity of financial assets.
  4. An extensive set of analytical tools.
  5. Quality customer support.


  1. High commission on ECN and NDD accounts.
  2. High swaps.
  3. Long withdrawal request processing time.
  4. Lack of educational materials other than articles.

TeleTrade Broker Overview

Foundation Year2000
Official Website
Regulated in CountriesSaint Vincent and the Grenadines, CyprusMore Details
Minimum Deposit
  • 1 USD
Spreadfrom 0 points
Max Leverage1:500
Trading Assets
  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stocks
  • Precious Metals
  • Energy Carriers
  • Soft Commodities
  • Bonds
  • ETF
Trading Platforms
  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
Email Support
Hotline Phones
Social Media

TeleTrade is an international broker with more than 28 years of experience in the Forex market, recognized as an innovative and reliable partner. Founded in the 1990s, the company was one of the pioneers in providing online trading services, transitioning from telephone deals to internet trading since the early 2000s. Over the years, TeleTrade has earned the trust of more than 10 million clients from 212 countries worldwide and has paid out over 500 million dollars to its clients, confirming its status as a leading international broker.

Over time, the company has maintained its position and actively developed, following market trends and needs. Today the company employs over 3000 staff members and has representations in 26 countries worldwide, making it one of the industry's most recognizable and reliable brands.

TeleTrade Review Summary

For a complete picture, we apply a strict broker evaluation methodology, which includes an analysis of critical parameters such as available markets, analytical tools, quality of technical support, and much more.

Please continue reading to learn all the details in our TeleTrade broker review.

Reliability and Regulation

Legal EntityRegulator

TeleTrade is regulated by two different organizations: CySEC in Cyprus and SVGFSA in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is one of the most respected regulators in Europe, requiring strict compliance with financial standards and provisions to protect investors. On the other hand, SVGFSA (Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) does not provide the same high level of regulation and protection.

TeleTrade is considered a relatively reliable broker, especially given its long-standing market presence and regulation by CySEC. However, the license from SVGFSA may raise particular concerns for traders seeking maximum protection and reliability.

Account Opening


The registration process on the TeleTrade platform is straightforward and quick.


Registering on the TeleTrade broker website entails an account opening procedure. You need to fill out a form with the following set of information:

  • name;
  • e-mail;
  • password.

Access to the personal area is made from the website's main page.

TeleTrade registration form
TeleTrade registration form


One of the critical aspects to consider when choosing a broker is the verification process, also known as the "Know Your Customer" (KYC) procedure. This process at TeleTrade is well organized and serves to comply with legislative norms and protect clients from financial risks associated with money laundering or terrorist financing.

As part of the KYC procedure, new clients must provide a range of documents, including a passport and proof of residence. Then, a questionnaire with personal information will be completed and subsequently registered in the client's profile. The company may request additional documents and information depending on the risk profile. It should be noted that TeleTrade updates and regularly checks the identification data of its clients throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Minimum Deposit

One of the most attractive aspects of trading with TeleTrade is the absence of minimum deposit requirements. This means traders of various experience levels and capital can start trading almost without financial constraints. This opens the doors for novice investors who may not be ready to commit large sums of money from the outset.

Account Types


Although broker TeleTrade offers standard trading accounts and additional services such as the "Bonus 24%" program and the "Synchronous Trading" service, there are no specialized account types, such as accounts with fixed spreads, cent accounts, and Islamic accounts. This may limit options for traders with specific needs or trading strategies.

Trading Accounts

For trading in the Forex market, broker TeleTrade offers 3 types of accounts:

StandardECNNDDTeleTrade Invest
Account CurrencyUSD, EUR
Minimum Deposit1 $
Trading PlatformsMetaTrader 4MetaTrader 5MetaTrader 4MetaTrader 5
Spreadfloatingfrom 1.7 pipsfor EURUSD~ 1.8 pipsfloatingfrom 0.2 pipsfloatingfrom 0.8 pipsfloatingfrom 0 pips
Commission per Tradeper $1M turnover~ 8 $per 1 lot~ 7 $per 1 lot~ 3 $
Trading AssetsForexIndicesCryptocurrencyStocksPrecious MetalsEnergy CarriersSoft CommoditiesBondsStocksETF
Opened Positionsup to 200
Margin Call / Stop Out70% / 50%70% / 20%70% / 10%
Demo Account
Islamic Account
  • Standard. The standard account will be convenient for novice traders who do not require instant order execution.
  • ECN. ECN account is ideal for experienced traders and professionals looking for fast order execution and ECN technology. It is also a good option for those who trade on news or use high-frequency strategies.
  • NDD. The No Dealing Desk account suits traders seeking a balance between execution speed and commissions. It is a good choice for experienced traders who need higher execution speed than the standard account.
  • TeleTrade Invest. The investment account suits those who want to trade 500+ CFDs on stocks and ETFs with ECN order execution technology.

Each trading account has unique features; the choice depends on individual needs and trader experience.

Demo Account

TeleTrade offers a full-featured demo account, which will be an excellent starting point for beginners and allow experienced traders to test various strategies in conditions as close to natural as possible.

The most essential features of the TeleTrade demo account:

  1. Unlimited virtual deposit. This allows you to trade without risking your finances.
  2. Over 200 trading instruments. From stocks and currencies to cryptocurrencies, providing a full spectrum of testing opportunities.
  3. Trading without funding. This is incredibly convenient for beginners who wish to try trading without risking real money.
  4. Free opening and maintenance of a demo account. No hidden fees or commissions.
  5. Full functionality of the trading terminal. The demo account includes all the features of a real trading account, allowing you to gain the most comprehensive experience.
  6. Real-time quotes. This allows you to assess market dynamics and decide based on current data.

To open a demo account, fill out the form on the broker's website, providing your first name, last name, e-mail, and phone number. After that, you will have access to all the features mentioned above. Compliance with privacy and data processing policies is ensured, making the process convenient and secure.

VIP Services

For clients wishing to obtain premium-level advantages in trading on financial markets, TeleTrade brokers offer VIP status. They allow not only to trade on more favorable terms but also to receive personalized service.

Types of VIP statuses and requirements

Special Conditions

VIP Status



Personal Manager

5 days a week

7 days a week

7 days a week

Accumulative Deposit Bonus

2% per month

3% per month

5% per month

Cashback to Trading Account

10% rebate

13% rebate

15% rebate

Compensation for Negative Swaps




Loss of VIP status is possible only upon withdrawal of funds from the trading account. Status restoration is achieved by replenishing the account to the required level.

Benefits of VIP Status

  • Swap Compensation. The ability to offset accumulated negative swaps is a significant advantage for long-term investors.

  • No Deposit Fees. When funding a trading account, commissions are offset by the accrual of bonus funds.

  • Free Training. Access to seminars, masterclasses, and training programs at no additional cost.

VIP statuses at TeleTrade are an excellent option for experienced traders with substantial deposits who want to gain maximum benefits and personalized service.

TeleTrade Loyalty Program

The loyalty program from TeleTrade broker offers unique opportunities for optimizing your trading on the forex market. The bonus points system is designed to satisfy the needs of new and experienced traders thoroughly.

How to Earn Bonus Points

  • For registering a personal account. After successful registration, you are credited with 10,000 bonus points.

  • For funding a trading account. When you fund your account, you will receive 25 to 50% of the deposit amount in bonus points.

  • For executing trading operations. For each transaction, 10% of the spread plus commission is credited in bonus points.

What You Can Exchange Bonus Points For

  • Additional funds on the trading account. Bonus points can be converted into additional funds for trading up to $10,000 on the account.

  • Conversion to real money. If you prefer cash, points can be exchanged for real money up to $10,000.

The TeleTrade loyalty program is an excellent way to increase your initial capital, optimize trading costs, and gain additional benefits for active trading. This makes it an attractive option for a wide range of investors.

24% Bonus

The brokerage firm offers a unique opportunity for traders — a 24% bonus, which allows them to earn an additional 24% per annum on their funds. This promotional campaign is aimed at active traders looking to maximize their profits.

Bonus Accrual Conditions

  1. Inability to withdraw funds. During the calculation month, withdrawing funds from the trading account is prohibited.

  2. No accruals in the month of account opening. Interest is not accrued for the month the trading account was opened.

  3. Trading activity requirements. It is necessary to meet the trading activity conditions—the trading volume must be at least 4 lots for every $1,000 of own and bonus funds.

Bonus Calculation Example

Suppose you have $2,000 of your funds and another $2,000 as a bonus. To receive 24% per annum, conducting trading operations for a volume equal to or exceeding 16 lots is necessary during the calculation month.

If you earned another $1,000 during the month, your base for bonus calculation will increase to $3,000. In this case, the accrual will be 3,000×24%÷12 = $60.

This bonus serves as an excellent incentive to maintain high trading activity. It allows you to increase capital and earn additional income, which will be automatically credited to your trading account. By following the conditions, traders can significantly improve their profitability and trading efficiency.

Copy Trading

Copy trading represents one of the most exciting and accessible services the broker offers. This service is designed for two main groups of participants, investors, and traders, and offers them opportunities for mutual benefit.

For the investor: passive income without complexities

Investors have the opportunity to earn in financial markets by copying the trades of successful traders. The copying process is automatic, and there is no need to monitor every trade. You decide when to start or stop trading, which gives you complete control over the investment process.

Rating of traders for copying trades on TeleTrade
Rating of traders for copying trades on TeleTrade

For Traders: Increase Your Commissions

Traders whose trades are copied by investors receive a commission reward. The higher your position in the trader rankings, the more investors copy your trades, increasing your commission income.

Trader statistics for copying trades on TeleTrade
Trader statistics for copying trades on TeleTrade

Advantages of the Copy Trading Service

  1. Financial Transparency. The difference in deposits between the investor and the trader is automatically accounted for, ensuring transparency of financial operations.

  2. Investor Control. The ability to manage positions copied from the trader's account allows the investor to lock in profits or limit risks at any time.

  3. Copy Speed. Since all trading operations are carried out on the broker's servers, trade copying is executed almost instantaneously.

This service is ideal for those looking for flexible and efficient investment methods. It allows beginners to quickly enter the market without needing deep knowledge, and experienced traders can increase their income through commissions from copying their trades.



Transaction fees on ECN and NDD accounts are above average, which can be a barrier for active traders. On the other hand, spreads on standard accounts are pretty competitive, although swaps may be higher than the norm.

Thus, the broker has both pros and cons in its commission structure. If you are more oriented towards long-term trading, the standard account may be more beneficial for you. However, if you plan to trade actively, high transaction fees can be problematic. Overall, it can be said that the level of commissions is average and can meet the needs of different categories of traders, although it is not perfect.

Trading Commissions

The structure of trading commissions can vary significantly depending on the account type. Note that effective management of commissions is a crucial aspect of successful trading.

Commission per Trade

On ECN and NDD accounts, the commission per transaction is the traders' primary expense type. It should be noted that this commission is higher than that of many competitors, which can be a significant disadvantage for active traders.

Below is the commission per lot one way for the EURUSD pair at different Forex brokers:

BrokerIC MarketsRaw SpreadPepperstoneRazorTeleTradeECNRoboforexECNFxProStandard
Commission per lot$3.5$3.5$0.86$2.16$0.00

Spreads and Swaps

On a standard account, traders encounter costs in the form of spreads and swaps. A positive aspect is that spreads are lower than competitors. However, swaps tend to be higher than the market average, which can be a downside for traders who leave positions open overnight.

Below is a table of the average spread and swaps of major currency pairs on TeleTrade's standard account.

AssetAverage spreadSwap longSwap short
AUDUSD1.4 pips-6.40 pips-1.50 pips
EURUSD0.4 pips-8.20 pips-0.88 pips
GBPUSD0.4 pips-6.00 pips-7.50 pips
NZDUSD0.5 pips-2.60 pips-3.10 pips
USDCAD1.1 pips-1.80 pips-6.00 pips
USDCHF0.7 pips-10.00 pips-15.00 pips
USDJPY0.6 pips-26.00 pips-39.00 pips

Withdrawal Commission

When submitting a request for withdrawal of funds, the company has the right to charge the client an additional commission of 2% of the withdrawal amount if no trading operations have been carried out before this point.

Inactivity Fee

If there are no trading operations on the client's account within the period set by the company, an account maintenance fee is charged. This fee may also be applied when the company considers non-purposeful account use.

Deposit and Withdrawal


TeleTrade offers many funding and withdrawal methods, including cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, and bank transfers, making it convenient for many clients. Most methods do not charge a deposit fee, and withdrawal requests are usually processed within reasonable timeframes, although in some cases, the withdrawal fee can reach up to 1%.

Nevertheless, there are drawbacks: some popular methods, such as WebMoney and Mastercard, charge fees, and withdrawal requests can be considered for up to 7 business days, which may be inconvenient for some traders.

Account Funding Methods

Payment SystemCurrenciesDeposit FeeOperation Limit
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money
CryptocurrencyBlockchainDeposit FeeOperation Limit
Логотип BitcoinBTC (Bitcoin)BTC
Логотип TetherUSDT (Tether)ERC20
Логотип TetherUSDT (Tether)TRC20
Логотип TetherUSDT (Tether)BEP20

The time it takes to fund an account depends on the payment method, but funds are usually credited instantly.

Withdrawal Methods

Payment SystemCurrenciesWithdrawal FeeOperation Limit
up to 3000 USD
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money
from 0.02 USD
from 2 to 2000 USD
CryptocurrencyBlockchainWithdrawal FeeOperation Limit
Логотип BitcoinBTC (Bitcoin)BTC
up to 5000 USD
Логотип TetherUSDT (Tether)TRC20
from 50 to 1000 USD
Логотип TetherUSDT (Tether)BEP20
from 10 to 5000 USD

Withdrawal requests are processed within up to 7 business days.

Account Funding Bonus

TeleTrade offers an attractive bonus program for new and existing clients. When opening and funding any trading account, you can receive bonus funds of up to 100% of the deposited amount. These funds can be used as collateral for trading in the financial markets.

Benefits of the Bonus Program

  1. The bonus is credited once when opening and funding an account.
  2. There are no minimum deposit restrictions to participate in the program.
  3. The possibility of participating in other company bonus programs.

Bonus Accrual Conditions

  1. A particular trading volume must be reached to withdraw bonus funds, which can be calculated using a specialized calculator on the broker's website.
  2. The bonus may be canceled if the client attempts to withdraw funds before meeting the trading volume requirements.
  3. In case of non-compliance with the program terms, TeleTrade has the right to liquidate open positions on the account without prior notice.

This program represents an excellent incentive to start trading with TeleTrade. However, it is essential to read the terms carefully to avoid potential risks and misunderstandings.

Markets and Products


TeleTrade offers an extensive range of financial instruments, which allows traders to build their investment strategy and diversify their portfolios flexibly. However, it should be noted that some brokers offer many CFDs, which could make TeleTrade's offering even more attractive.

What markets are available?

The broker's assortment includes a large number of financial instruments:

BrokerIC MarketsTeleTradePepperstone
Precious Metals71720
Energy Carriers544
Soft Commodities8716


Leverage varies depending on the trading instrument and the capital in the account. Below is a table with the maximum leverage for different markets.

Trading InstrumentMax. Leverage for Retail TradersMax. Leverage for Pro Traders
Precious Metals
Energy Carriers
Soft Commodities

Trading Platforms


Broker TeleTrade offers its clients several trading platform options for effective and convenient trading.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. This platform is ideal for traders of all experience levels and offers a wide range of market analysis tools, including Forex indicators and graphical objects. The platform is available for various operating systems, including Windows and iOS, and also offers versions for Android devices. Thus, you can trade wherever you are.

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is a newer and more functionally expanded version of the platform. It offers additional types of orders, more timeframes for analysis, and improved tools for technical analysis. Like MetaTrader 4, this platform is available on various devices, including Windows PCs, iOS, and Android.

MT5 web platform on TeleTrade
MT5 web platform on TeleTrade

Both platforms provide the ability to use automated trading robots and support the feature of opening multiple trading windows simultaneously. Either platform would be a good choice for comfortable and efficient trading.



The TeleTrade website has an extensive set of analytical tools. This makes the platform attractive for traders of different experience levels who need reliable data for making trading decisions. However, the absence of trading signals, which were previously offered, slightly lowers the overall rating of this section.

News and Tools

TeleTrade offers an extensive set of tools for analytics and forecasting. The platform provides an economic calendar, timely financial news, a holiday calendar, significant banks' interest rates, and online currency quotes. These tools can be helpful for both novice and experienced traders to make informed decisions.

TeleTrade Economic Calendar
TeleTrade Economic Calendar

Market Analysis

TeleTrade also provides expert market reviews, technical analysis from professional analysts, and video analytics. This allows traders to deeply immerse themselves in current trends and understand the factors that influence the markets.

Market Opinions on TeleTrade
Market Opinions on TeleTrade



Broker TeleTrade offers only a primary education section in the form of articles. While these articles can be helpful for beginners interested in Forex and CFDs, the offering is limited compared to what many other brokers provide.

The absence of webinars, video tutorials, seminars, and courses significantly lowers the rating of this section. TeleTrade's educational resources are limited to articles only, making the offering less attractive for those seeking more in-depth and diverse education.

Customer Support


TeleTrade provides various communication channels to ensure quality customer support. The main methods include phone calls, email, and online chat on the website. In addition, users can create tickets directly in their account, where an online consultant is also available.

Customer Support Reviews

Customer feedback is generally favorable. Users note the prompt operation of the support team, especially in market analysis and risk management. Most users believe that support plays a crucial role in their trading activities, helping them better understand technical and fundamental analysis and support and resistance levels.

Contact Information

  • Phone: +442080895636
  • Email:
  • Legal and Postal Address: Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, VC0100, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Clients also have the option to request a callback by leaving their contact details and a comment on the website. This feature provides greater flexibility and convenience when interacting with the company.


TeleTrade represents a comprehensive solution for traders looking for tight spreads, a variety of financial instruments, and quality customer support. It benefits experienced traders who can fully utilize the extensive analytical tools. However, beginners may find it challenging to get started without a wide range of educational materials.

If you are ready to undertake an intensive self-learning journey or possess ample experience, this broker can offer you all the necessary conditions for successful trading.


Is TeleTrade legit?

Yes, TeleTrade is a legitimate broker that has been operating since 2000. It is regulated by several financial authorities, including the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Financial Services Authority St Vincent & The Grenadines (SVGFSA).

Which country is TeleTrade from?

TeleTrade is based in Cyprus, with its headquarters located in Nicosia. However, the company has offices and representatives in various countries around the world.

Is TeleTrade an ECN broker?

TeleTrade is primarily an STP (Straight Through Processing) broker, but it also offers an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) account option. So, while TeleTrade is not exclusively an ECN broker, traders can choose to open an ECN account with the company if they prefer the benefits associated with ECN trading, such as tighter spreads and access to a deeper liquidity pool.

How does TeleTrade make money?

TeleTrade makes money primarily through the spread, which is the difference between the bid and ask prices of an instrument. The company may also charge commissions and fees for certain services, such as account maintenance or inactivity fees.

Is TeleTrade good for beginners?

TeleTrade offers educational resources and support that can be helpful for beginners. However, trading always carries risks, and beginners should educate themselves thoroughly before investing real money.

Does TeleTrade offer a demo account?

Yes, TeleTrade offers a demo account that allows users to practice trading with virtual funds in a risk-free environment.

How can I open an account with TeleTrade?

To open an account with TeleTrade, you need to visit their website and complete the online registration form. You will be required to provide personal information and verify your identity by submitting relevant documents.

How can I delete my TeleTrade account?

To delete your TeleTrade account, you should contact their customer support team and request account termination. You may be required to close all open positions and withdraw any remaining funds before the account can be closed.

What is the minimum deposit for TeleTrade?

TeleTrade has no minimum deposit requirements. Traders can start trading CFDs with any amount.

What is the maximum leverage on TeleTrade?

The maximum leverage offered by TeleTrade is 1:500. However, leverage limits may vary depending on the instrument and regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions.

How do I deposit funds in an TeleTrade account?

TeleTrade offers several deposit methods, including bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets like Skrill and FasaPay. You can fund your account through the client portal on their website.

How do I withdraw money from TeleTrade?

To withdraw money from TeleTrade, you need to log in to your client portal and submit a withdrawal request. The available withdrawal methods may include bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets.

Does TeleTrade provide VPS?

No, TeleTrade doesn't offer a Virtual Private Server (VPS) service.

Is TeleTrade suitable for scalping?

TeleTrade allows scalping on its platform. However, traders should be aware of the potential risks and ensure that their trading strategy complies with the broker's terms and conditions.

Is TeleTrade suitable for auto-trading?

Yes, TeleTrade supports auto-trading and allows the use of expert advisors (EAs) on its platform. Traders can develop or use third-party EAs to automate their trading strategies.

Is TeleTrade suitable for hedging?

Yes, TeleTrade allows hedging, which means traders can open multiple positions on the same instrument in opposite directions to manage risk or protect against potential losses.

Is TeleTrade suitable for spread betting?

No, TeleTrade does not offer spread betting services. Spread betting is a form of derivatives trading that is primarily available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Visit TeleTrade63.37% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs with this broker

Nikolay is an experienced specialist in financial markets and co-founder of IamForexTrader. He has been successfully trading Forex since 2014 and has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency market since 2017.

He develops investment strategies adaptable to any level of experience and has been actively investing in stocks, bonds and ETFs since 2018.